How To Use Questetra BPMS

Chapter 1 Handling Issues

  • You can carry out the Application or Registration of new issues at ‘Start’. They will be delivered to the downstream steps automatically, according to Business Processes that have been set in advance.
  • Issues that are delivered as their work, will be stocked in the “My Tasks” of each of their own. When you enter required information and click on the ‘Finish’ button, it will go to the next Step.
  • If you need to communicate with someone in the company, post your comment on ‘Task Feed’, the Enterprise Social networking which is opened to the entire company. When you tag the Matter ID, makes easier to see the issue data.

Chapter 2 Defining Business Process

  • A “Business Process” is made up of several“processing steps”. By placing one step, one “Operating Form screen” will be automatically prepared.
  • The order of the Steps is expressed with “arrows”. And the person to operate the Step is set as an attribute of the [Swim lane]. A relative specification such as the “Boss of the applicant” is also available.
  • To make the Business flow “Concurrent parallel Split”, place a [AND Gateway]. To make a [Selective split], place a [XOR Gateway] and set conditional expressions.

Chapter 3 Operating the System

  • The management of Questetra is conducted jointly by the Privileged Users with [System Administrator authorization]. They are allowed to configure settings such as to grant the [User Manager Privilege] to certain Users.
  • [Organization] is a representation of the user group i.e. “General Affairs Department” or “Human Resource Department”. Every User Account must belong to one or more [Organization].
  • The “Choices List” or “Template of PDF document” which are referred from various Processes are added to the system by the Users with [System Administrator Authorization].

Chapter 4 More Convenient Use

  • You can connect the Business Processes to each other with the “Connection API”. For example, you can Start a Billing process with “order data”, which have been confirmed in the Sales Order process automatically.
  • Using “Automatic Processing” and “Connection API”, you can automate the mash-up processing, such as “Capturing weather data” and “Processing weather data”.
  • You can develop exclusive interface or exclusive application using “Software Development API”. Also can be used as a data platform of mobile apps and sensor apps.