Process Modeler Add-ons

The "Modeling function" that defines a Business Process can be enhanced by three aspects: a) Addition of a modeling icon, b) Mastering choice options, and c) PDF Auto-generation. By importing the following Add-ons, you can more efficiently define further advanced Business Processes. You can also create your own Add-on file by yourself.

Modeling elements that are not built-in as the standard will be available (will be added to the modeling-palette). Please download the definition file (Addon XML) and import it before you start modeling.

Processing such as adding appointments to Google Calendar, collecting business partners from Salesforce in bulk, and sharing information with other departments in Slack is automated on the server side.
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Processing such as automatically generate file name, automatic calculation of hash value, automatic counting the number of characters in String type data is automated on the server side.

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Master referencing will be available for defining candidate in Select type data (No need to manually set candidate list). Please download the Options XML and import it before you start modeling.

JIS X 0401: From northeast to southwest, begins with ’01’and ends with “47” (2 digit code/prefecture name)
japan-prefecture-code-JIS-X-0401-ISO-3166-2-JP.xml (全47件)

<item value="01" display="北海道" />
<item value="13" display="東京都" />
<item value="26" display="京都府" />

JIS X 0402: Identification code for cities, towns and villages (5 digit code/cities, towns and villages name)
japan-city-code-jis-x-0402-201510.xml (1788 items)
japan-city-code-jis-x-0402-201504.xml (1788 items)

<item value="01000" display="北海道 " />
<item value="01100" display="北海道 札幌市" />
<item value="13000" display="東京都 " />
<item value="13101" display="東京都 千代田区" />
<item value="26000" display="京都府 " />
<item value="26100" display="京都府 京都市" />

MIC: Japanese Local Goverment Code(6 digit/prefecture, cities, towns and villages)
japan-city-code-local-government-201510.xml (1788 items)
japan-city-code-local-government-201504.xml (1788 items)

<item value="010006" display="北海道 " />
<item value="011002" display="北海道 札幌市" />
<item value="130001" display="東京都 " />
<item value="131016" display="東京都 千代田区" />
<item value="260002" display="京都府 " />
<item value="261009" display="京都府 京都市" />

Japan Post: assignt postal codes (7 digit/postalcode, address)
japan-zip-code-201510.xml (123,501 items)

<item value="1500041" display="150-0041 東京都渋谷区神南" />
<item value="6040925" display="604-0925 京都府京都市中京区上本能寺前町" />
<item value="6040835" display="604-0835 京都府京都市中京区高宮町(御池通高倉西入、御池通東洞院東入、御池通間之町東入、御池通間之町西入)" />
<item value="6048056" display="604-8056 京都府京都市中京区高宮町(富小路通錦小路上る、富小路通蛸薬師下る)" />

Japan Post: Postal codes with major offices assigned (7 digit/postal codes, address, majnor offices)
japan-zip-code-business-201510.xml (145,437 items)

<item value="1500041" display="150-0041 東京都渋谷区神南" />
<item value="1508001" display="150-8001 東京都渋谷区神南2丁目2-1 NHK放送センター" />
<item value="6040925" display="604-0925 京都府京都市中京区上本能寺前町" />
<item value="6048571" display="604-8571 京都府京都市中京区寺町通御池上る上本能寺前町488番地 京都市役所" />

By importing [Template PDF] in advance, you can use the function of document generation in “PDF Auto-generation”.