How to Accelerate the Overseas Sales of Business Software?

We have published our Partner Program for Overseas!

We have published our Partner Program for overseas on Questetra website on 4th of March, 2015.

Questetra Partner Program


Partner Program page


Although we do direct sales of “Questetra BPM Suite” for overseas, we believe we must be in partnership with who are active in the position close to the end user, in order to more accelerate the sale of overseas.

== Background of Why We Prepared the Overseas Edition of Partner Program ==


I have mentioned about future effort in a blog post before as the following.


As a matter of course, we want more and more partners in Japan. However, as Questetra, we are hoping to get partners in overseas as soon as possible, for we have been aiming our Questetra BPM Suite to be used of in abroad since its inception.

In fact, we are asked occasionally about partnership from abroad, so we also have a desire to meet those demands.

I am going to think what we can do in order to make achievement even only one of sales of Questetra BPM Suite via overseas partners in the year of 2015.


With that said, we started operating our Partner Program Overseas edition and published it on our website, as the first step of acquiring overseas partner.


== Overseas Edition that is Different from the Japan Version ==


In Questetra, we have always provided both in Japanese and English for Website and our product. For that purpose, dedicated translation staffs are working hard inside Questetra.


Actually, to create an overseas edition of the Partner Program is not simple as translating Japan edition.


There is a situation that makes overseas partner significantly different from Japanese partners in several important respects. Therefore, the programs cannot be the same.


  • Large fee will be charged in remittance
  • Impossible to provide training for Partner
  • Cannot communicate in Japanese at the meeting


We have considered well about what current Questetra can do with these three challenges. In doing so, we have re-created the Partner Program, which is much different from Japan version, translated it and published.


== Future of Overseas Expansion ==


It must be difficult to acquire a foreign partner by only expecting leads to the Partner Program. So, I would like to actively work hard on information gathering and dissemination, regardless of domestic or abroad, in a spirit of ‘the dog that trots about finds a bone’.


I guess I must brush up my English skill so that I can attend a meeting in English.


That’s it for today!

== Reference ==


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