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Automatisation from Invoicing to Payment Clearance using PayPal API

Hello!This is Yahagi!


I joined the PayPal User Group June 28th and I took the chance to introduce Questetra.


I arrived at the venue and when I leaned down to take out my laptop, my pants ripped and my rear was showing. I guess it was a good icebreaker before I started my session.

PayPal Invoice


The event PayPal User Group (PPUG) was held at the Shibuya HDE office.


When you say PayPal you immediately think about the long established payment service. In the world, over 200 million people and 15 million establishments use it. For EC operations, it is a must.


Since PayPal started its services it’s been 20 years, however, the user group activities started this year, 2017. Even well established service companies, are feeling the strong need of engaging in Community Marketing.


For PayPal, they are our function, but this time the topic was “PayPal Invoice”. PayPal Invoicing is, convenient. So I based my talk on that.


PayPal Invoice can send an invoice only with the email address and the receiver can get it and pay it with a credit card, PayPal account.


You can send the invoice, once you clear the payment, you send the goods or provide the service, that’S why it is ideal for prepayments.


The Questetra – PayPal combo


With Questetra, using PayPal you can generate the invoice and clear the payment.



For Users using the “Annual Plan”, prepayment can be done using a credit card in the same way described above.


In Questetra, Business Processes are managed using the Questetra BPM Suite. In this way, using Questetra BPM Suite and PayPal together, we can process and manage the Service application, invoice and payment clearing flow automatically.



The figure shows how the customers and Questetra’s staff access Questetra BPM Suite、access PayPal through Questetra BPM Suite. The invoice is generated, sent and cleared from Questetra BPM Suite by using the PayPal API.



In the figure, you can see it is not the same as the one used in Questetra, but inside the figure, in the Paypal icon, the PayPal API is being used.


The contents of the talk can be referred to in the link below.




This time, examples of the use of PayPal for exports were also introduced. The exchange of money abroad was demonstrated as PayPal’s strengths.


That is it for today!




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