Child Care System, Startup and Me

Child care and family care... I must make the workplace easier to do them.


Another school year begins today..

It’s not such an “important day”, but somehow, I am pointing my camera.

“I stick three fingers, instead of two. Because I’m starting the third grade today!”

My eldest daughter is excited from the early morning…

Yeah, third grade…

It won’t be long before

the day when

she refuses to take bath with me…


Come to think of it,

she wouldn’t give me “a kiss and a hug” recently…


she wouldn’t even hold my hand anymore…


kids are growing fast.

Well, it’s okay.

They seem to be enjoying everyday life safe and sound…



Come to think about myself, I too “wouldn’t give”.


I give nothing to them recently…

I guess, this season 43 years ago,

my mother who at that time was carrying me must have worried about my future.

Maybe, kinder garden, elementary school,

and then junior high, high school, university.

My father, who always tells jokes, would have been anxious about this and that…

While my parents are healthy,

I should do something nice for them, even something small.

A memory of that spring day. With cherry trees in full bloom.


P.S.: We have established “Parental leave system” and “Family-care leave system” in Questetra,Inc. from this April \(^_^)/ (it was about time…)



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