Things We should Do Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Has "Information society" been completed? (Thoughts about the "Mission" of me, born in 1970s)

== 0. Industrial Revolution ==

=== 0-1. The First Industrial Revolution ===

Huh, “…from about 1760…”

In fact, it was shortly after the death of Yoshimune Tokugawa, one of the great Shogun. In the UK, they were trying to achieve “industrial society” with the [Power of the steam engine], while in Japan it was the era of shogunate.


<h4=== 0-2.The Second Industrial Revolution ===

Huh, “…from about 1860…”

In fact, it was the period known as Meiji Restoration in Japan… In Germany or USA, etc. They were trying to achieve “Mass transportation society” with the [Power of petroleum and electricity], while in Japan they were still exchanging information by on-foot messengers and Smoke signals, still hoping for the ‘Dawn of Japan!’.


=== 0-3. the Third Industrial Revolution ===

Huh, “… from about 1970…”

Thankfully, for myself, as a part of the “Generation X”, I was experiencing how the [Force of computers and telecommunications] was changing the world, that is, rushing into the ” Information society”.


* I actually talked my father into buying a PC 88 / 98, and was surprised by Windows 95. I am the generation who watched the period of transition. For example, I witnessed ‘Global IP’ being assigned to the PC in my university, or clerks printing out “Emails addressed to a professor”… (from afar)


== 1. Fourth Industrial Revolution is Coming ==

And then the “Fourth Industrial Revolution…”

There are amazing stories I see or hear about in the newspaper, TV, here and there recently, it all makes me think it is really going to happen in the “not-too-distant future”.


In short, it is a story about [the power of Artificial Intelligence] (AI) fusing with the Information communication, and become something awesome… It is for sure, that

– [Power of steam engine]
– [Power of petroleum and electricity]
– [Power of computers and telecommunications]

have been taking away “Human Labor”. Definitely, it’s a “Revolution”.


Simply, I think that I, born in the 1970’s, should do is to brush up the “Information society”.


== 2. Receipts on Paper ==

For example, “Paper receipts” must be dealt with somehow…


Although in Japan, “scanned receipt images” were only permitted for audit, since only half a year ago (Oct. 2015). Also, “Images of receipts taken with a Smartphone” are going to be permitted, but it is not for sure if it will be from 2017.

Even though, these are merely digitization of “Storage”.


Well, to me, having immersed myself in creating a Workflow system for the last 8 years, I welcome the changes of society as a “Major progress”. Yet, more and more, I must contribute to the [Power AI] with;

– A, smoother information transmission
– B, smoother information recording

That is, currently “Information” is in a state far from being organized. In terms of maturity, it is barely on the first stage. (Truly, there are so many challenges…)


<Observable Workflow! (Advertising)>
Workflow-sample episode 464: Out-of-pocket Expenses Reimbursement Claim (Starter Template)


== 3. Intelligence precisely because of Information ==

“Accumulation of business data ” will be the cornerstone of artificial intelligence.


– Who did what and when?

“Business processing” performed by humans and computers shall be recorded clearly. In other words, it must be in a state in which it’s enabled to be taken advantage of as “intelligence” in the near future.


– To record on paper
– To put it in a binder
– To store it deep inside the bookshelf

Such an act only increases the “excavations” for future generations… Moreover, it is also an act of delaying the “Fourth industrial revolution”.


Honestly, paper records must be eradicated as soon as possible.




== 4. What to do? ==

Indeed, we need a lot of educating to do.


However recently, I think that, it is us, who were born in 1970’s, the ones who should take the initiative for completing the “Information society”.


– Getting into “Forty-something”
– Occupying an important position on the job
– Some people are now playing a role to change society





– There is no need to worry about the senior generation.
– If Things should be changed, you should change.
– If the changes fail, it is still better than stagnating without change.


I cannot put it into words right but, it might be like the role of the patriots during the end of the Edo period?


To defeat the Edo Shogunate (?), in our case, the “Paper receipt”, is to make possible an “eve” of the “upcoming revolution”. Such guts will probably be necessary.


Every time I hear about “the fourth industrial revolution”, I think us, the ones who are getting to the peak of our careers, must work harder.



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