We Started “Pre-installation” of Business Processes

== “I want to try soon, but…” ==

You can start using “Questetra BPM Suite”, a Cloud-based workflow, for Free.

You will get a Notification email containing a “Login URL to your Workflow environment”, a few minutes after entering the required information here [Apply for Free].

However, because there are no [Business Process]es in the beginning, you will needed to carry out one of the following:

== Pre-installation! ==

From now on, your environment will be ready to use several pre-installed Workflows.



I recommend you to experience the various functions of “Questetra BPM Suite” with these [Business Processes] have too, been published in the section “Workflow Sample”.

Please feel free to try them out.

=== Approval flow ===

It is a simple Business flow in which an employee makes an application and his/her Superior approves it.

For the aforementioned approval, a “Decision-making PDF” will be automatically generated. It will be also good to print it out, if needed it for audit purposes, etc.


=== Procurement Request ===

It is a Business flow in which anyone who is an employee can be able to make a purchase request, from consumables to facilities and equipment.

You will be able to grasp its progress at any time, for it has an automated status management such as “Pending the decision for purchase” or “Waiting for Delivery”, etc.


=== Out-of-pocket Expenses Claim ===

A Business flow to claim expenses reimbursement with images of receipts (which have been taken with Smart phone) attached.

Considering the institutional reforms scheduled for 2017, you can conduct test-runs of  systems which do not store the “original receipt”. (You need to enable the “Message Start Event (Email)” before being able to run it.) [M318] )




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