What is “Automation” of Workflow?

Want to make the configurations easier!


I think to myself that I should write about my “main business”, once in a while… So I do, at six o’clock in the evening of Friday…

* My main business is (although my close friends don’t understand it very well,) making a service for enterprises, which referred to “Cloud-based Workflow”. Though it is a service, that is how we sell it. So, as the industry classification it is “Software industry”.


And…Recently we have invested a lot of resources on the theme of “automation”.



The word of “automation”, an ordinary person doesn’t understand it intuitively. It is quite not understandable word.


In fact, even in the software industry, people are discussing in the confusion of the following two statuses.

– A), A computer delivers a “ToDo Task” to the person in charge
– B), A computer carries out a “ToDo Task” on behalf of human.


That is, some people may say “I have automated it!” upon achieving A), and others may say “I’m trying to automate it” while working on B).


Which I am focussing on recently, is “Automation” feature of B.




This is a story of example.

Suppose there is a “Step” that is

– To confirm a bank transfer from a customer

* As of today, there is no way than a person in charge confirms in deposit logs or on bank book, for automatic data communication is restricted by banks. (There is a little misleading…)

This “Step” can be arranged within a series of business Process, such as

-1. Issuing a bill
-2. [Confiming a bank transfer from a customer]
-3. Entering the result to an accounting app.


And drilling down this Process, the duty is;

in referring to information from upstream, such as

-1a. Name of the customer who makes the payment
-1b. Due date of the payment
-1c. The amount of the payment

to record information such as

-2a. Name of who actually made the payment
-2b. Date of actual payment
-2c. Amount of actually paid


In this Process, it would be a big problem if “2b. Date of actual payment” was later than “1b. Due date of the payment”. That is so-called “Delay of payment”.


Upon occurrence of such a case, it would be better flow to a Step of

– 4. To ask the circumstances of the payment delay to the customer

That is, a configuration that a “ToDo Task” to be allocated to the Accounting Manager. This is an “Automation” in the scope of A.


However, assuming the thoughts in the mind of the Manger, he or she would like to know the information, like “So, how many days were the delay?”
(Please don’t say “Calculate by yourself!”)


Although this is not so remarkable example, after all, it is a missing of a task of

– calculating the difference between the “Date of actual payment” and the “Due date of payment”.


Who should do this task… Well, if a computer does, it would be peaceful. This is an “Automation” in the scope of B.



Since the service started in 2009, both of the configuration of “Automation A” and “Automation B” have been available. However, concerning “Automation B”, some cumbersome settings were required.


To enumerate specific cases;

it is easy for everyone to set up

– setting the date of today
– setting the date after n days

But, a little bit of programming (Server side JavaScript) was required for “complicated automation”, such as

– Finding the number of days until the date A from today
– Finding the number of days between a date A and a date B
– Converting the date A into Japanese calendar style


That means,, it would take an hour or two, or even days to make settings depending on the person who are in charge of business designing (configuring), or still it could have not been done.

In the worst case, somebody would give up the setting of Automation in the scope of B (eventually after struggling with sample codes)…


Oh, I want to make the setting easier!

It may sound very tiny improvement. However, automation on this level is so important to make day-to-day work little bit more fun and easier, and less mistakes.



we are almost there!




It’s past 7 o’clock now, and I’m getting hungry… So, I hope you to see for the details in the press release that will be announced in the near future. (Hey! What a…)


It seems that anyone will be able to set up a quite advanced auto-processing such as with external communication. (Are you sure?)



And now, although I’m afraid for a half-baked information originating blog post, I hope your further patronage for Questetra BPM Suite.




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