Who should Change the Work Style First?

I strongly believe that the key to work style reform is "definition of Workflow". So, who should initiate and practice?


It may be a fool whoever is making workflow systems…

Still, I strongly believe that the key to “work style reformation” is the “definition of Workflow”.


==1. Based on System?==

If you use a “Workflow system”,

  1. “Which business issues are staying at which Step” becomes clear
  2. All of “who handled which process when” are also automatically recorded

However, “IT investment” is not the essence.


♦Translation ProcessTranslation Process

==2. Based on Office Reformation?==

“Riding of address” of an office may be the first step of change.

It sure is “free of an allocated desk”.


However, it is not “free of the office”. It does not mean that, for example, “you can work from home.”


♦Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Trial Efforts of Office Reformation”Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Trial Efforts of Office Reformation"



==3. First of all, it’s a Business Process Definition!==

Inefficiency, indifference, and injustice.

In many cases, these are caused by ambiguity in the Business Processes.


In order to undertake drastic “work style reformation”, it is important to keep clarifying the internal “Business Processes”.

  • Which Step will it start at?
  • Which Step should it go through?
  • Who is responsible for each Step?
  • What is the input necessary for that Business Process?
  • What is the final output of the Business Process?
  • And who will improve the Business Process?

In the beginning, there is no need for a “Workflow system”. (Also referred to as “Business Process Management system”)


First of all it’s a definition! With paper and a pencil, anyone can do it!


♦Quotation creation process
Quotation creation process

♦Sales reporting processSales reporting process


==4. Who should Take the Initiative and Put it into Practice?==

Bureaucrats cry out “productivity improvement”…

The media talks about “productivity improvement”…

Professors explain “productivity improvement”…


Recently, I think that…

“The Daily work of this people is quite messed up, isn’t it?


Honestly speaking,

They don’t want to improve their own Business Processes.

Or they do not want to improve their own productivity.


Nevertheless, they persuade “Ignorant folks” from their “high horse”… Well, that makes me angry!



What if bureaucrats, media, professors take the initiative to improve their own work and talk to the general public based on their example? Wouldn’t the productivity of the world improve more? Will it improve the productivity of the world more?


Well, well, I think about those things somehow today.


♦Internal regulation preparationInternal regulation preparation♦Internal regulation proclamation flowInternal regulation proclamation flow



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==Speaking of which…==

As we are a company that develops a Business Process Management system, “system utilization” is greatly appreciated.

For example, if the work becomes smooth according to the “business process”, I would like you to think about “automation” as the next step. In other words, you actively replace a process that humans correspond with by unmanned process.


Questetra is a company that is thinking about that in order to improve productivity around the world!


♦Catalogue Request CorrespondenceCatalogue Request Correspondence

♦Password RequestPassword Request

♦Approval Request flowApproval Request flow




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