Gmail and Drive Getting Closer

10GB attachment!

Google Apps is the world’s largest Cloud service which is equipped with a lot of tools which are focused around email/document management and schedule management.


With Google Drive integration, Gmail now offers 10GB attachments
Gets Mobile Spreadsheet Editing



We Questetra ourselves, are “Google Apps Users” from the day of our establishment in April 2008, have been benefiting from their constant upgrades. Especially, from this year, it became possible to drag in any type of images and documents. It is really amazing.

And now, since November 30th, they added the feature to ‘Insert files using Drive’ (A new interface of Gmail). This makes easy to attach files stored in the Google Drive.

Now, we Questetra would like to promote cooperation with Drive more and more.

# Questetra is “a Workflow product Cooperating with Google Apps closely”

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