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NTT WEST Launches Internet Fax

See Fax from anywhere through Smartphone. 525 JPY per Month. No expensive server needed.


Internet FAX is spreading progressively. NTT West seems to start the service for Business. An additional service of the optical Internet.


A New Service with Smartphone from NTT West. Faxes Confirmation on the Go
NTT West announced on 28th, they will start service for Business “My Pocket”, which allow to check faxes at the office on the go using Smartphones and tablet devices since 29th. (2013-01-28)


When you put “Fax Receive ” on to the cloud computing, there will be an advantage of more than mere paperless.
We Questetra are using eFax, of course cooperating with Cloud-based Workflow, Questetra BPM Suite. General Affair section select the personnel to see the fax, and delivered on Workflow. Because it can be found in the smartphone from anywhere, it is also very helpful for sales representatives out of office.

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