Struggling with Improvement on Quotation Approval Flow; Automatic determination on necessity of approval

In order not to wonder whether approval is necessary or not!

Hi, there!


One sales manager (that’s me) is currently struggling to improve “Quotation approval flow”!


The first improvement I am trying to make is to aim that a salesperson does not wonder whether the quotation he or she has created requires approval or not.


Utilizing Questetra BPM Suite, a cloud-based Workflow


In “Struggling with Improvement of Quotation Approval Flow”, I will proceed with the premise of using the cloud based workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” to improve the business flow. In addition, I may use other cloud services as necessary.


As I will arrange it to be possible to download the Apps that can be used on “Questetra BPM Suite”, so if you would like to use it actually, please apply for Questetra BPM Suite Free Edition.


I want to lower the cost of getting worried about the need for approval


The targets of this improvement are as follows.


To reduces the cost of the salesperson getting worried about whether
the created quotation requires the approval of sales manager.


The Quotation approval flow in Questetra requires approval by sales manager at the following conditions.


  • Cases requiring special discounts
  • Concerning services which are not on published price list
    (Consulting, training for administrators, etc.)


Even though it is not a very complicated rule, a salesperson may wonder if the quotation he or she created is necessary to be approved, in order to comply with the rule.



Since only those requiring approval by the sales manager are processed in the Quotation approval flow, and those that do not require approval are processed at discretion of the salesperson him or herself, so it is not possible to recognize how many quotations have actually been submitted from the sales department.


In this improvement, all the quotations are to be processed on the Quotation approval flow regardless of necessity of approval, so that you can expect the advantage that understanding of the situation to become possible.


To prepare options to determine whether approval to be required or not


Improvements actually made are as follows.


  • All the quotations are to be sent to the Quotation approval flow, instead of only those needed to be approved as so far.
  • To prepare options of Data Items to be selectable for determining whether approval to be required or not.


Until now, only those requiring approval were handled in the Quotation approval flow. From now on, we decide to flow all the quotations to the Quotation approval flow, aiming also to understand the state of submission of quotations for the entire sales department.


At the same time, I made it possible to enter the following information when submitting the created quotation.


  • Discount type (check button: “Special discount required”)
  • Service type (check button: “SaaS”, “Other (implementation support, consulting, etc.)”)


The value entered here will be used to determine if approval is required.



In order for the approval step to be automatically allocated


Since “Discount type” and “Service type” become possible to enter, so I made the Step of approval to be automatically allocated to sales manager in accordance with the value in these Data Items.


Specifically, when the following conditions are satisfied, the approval step will be automatically allocated to the sales manager.


  • “Special discount required” is checked at Discount type
  • “Other (implementation support, consulting, etc.)” is checked at Service type




When a salesperson places all the quotation on the Quotation approval flow, regarding those which need approval, approval step is automatically allocated to sales manager. As a result, salespeople will not be worried about whether approval is required. At the same time, you will be able to understand all the submission status of the quotations.


That’s it, for today!



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