The Way of Business Improvement for Startup Companies

BPM For Startups! Great opportunity even for major companies to start!

When looking at the list of of user companies of the BPM system which we Questetra are developing and operating, a thought comes up in my mind. That is

“Startup companies should implement BPM.”

BPM for Venture

There are some Startup companies that are implementing BPM, and iterating their Business Improvement cycle, while other companies focus on their speed and don’t even care about Business Improvement.

There are remarkably growing companies among the users of our BPM system, such as Sansan, Inc., aratana Inc., Shanon Inc., i3 Systems, Inc., etc..

In this article, I will introduce you to how these Startups came to work on business improvement.

== Reasons why Startups Adopted BPM ==

The following are some of the insights I have heard from workers at those Startups where they are using ‘Questetra BPM Suite’, regarding the usage of the BPM system and other BPM efforts.

“They want to instill business improvement as a part of their culture”

BPM (Business Process Management) is, the visualization of Business Processes and their continuous improvement. It is one of the Business improvement methods which is characterized by focusing on the Business Process.

Some people say that the manufacturing industry in Japan is amazing. The reason is because the workers at these manufacturers split into small teams on the manufacturing floor, and conduct improvement activities thoroughly and continuously. I myself did almost the same improvement activities during the four years I was working for Kubota Corporation soon after my graduation.

I think the reason why improvement activities are actively practiced in the field of manufacturing, is because the situation is easily visible. Every thing they deal with, the inventory and progress in manufacturing or manufacturing machine (tool), all these are objects. On the other hand, it is difficult to practice Business improvement activities in the field of office work, because what they deal with is Information.


Because BPM is an improvement method that focuses on Business Processes, it doesn’t choose its target. It visualizes the ones which were hardly understood, Rules of operations, Progress of the work and the performances. So it will promote Business improvement activity also for office work.

I think that the Startups who are using the BPM system ‘Questetra BPM Suite’, have recognized the value of business improvement which Japanese strong manufacturers have proven historically. And therefore, they are working on BPM, a method for Business improvement which is effective also for office work.

== Being Startup is the Best Time to Start BPM ==

And here is a reason why I say that ‘being Startup is the best time to start BPM activity’. (With ‘Startup time’ here, I mean when the business scale is not large.)

It is because when the business scale is small, the organization is also small. So the visualization work on Business Processes is much easier, compared to larger organizations. That’s why Startups are at the best time for starting BPM.

There are always problems in larger organizations, that take time for adjustment between sections, for whatever they are going to start. Therefore, their BPM activities would end up without actually implementing it (let alone continuing it) because they spend time only for the internal adjustments, despite the original purpose of BPM to continue improvement activities.

BPM will be worthy only when it is being practiced, so it is the best to begin during the Startup phase..


And, it is also good timing to instill a culture of business improvement.

When the business scale is small and the organization is also small, they can all work on BPM as a team. Eventually, the business scale will grow larger, and the number of people who will join this activity will also increase. At that time, newcomers will be able to easily understand and join BPM, as the organization has become used to do it naturally.

And the culture of BPM will become more steady, it will be maintained throughout the business growth.

Therefore, being a Startup is the best timing to

  • to start BPM activity, and
  • to instill a culture of Business improvement.


Once you decide to work on BPM, now you are going to carry out more specific activities. For more information about how to do it, please refer to this article.‘Three Aspects for Visualization of Business’


Startup fellows! Come, let’s work on BPM!

That’s it for today!

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