How can you get the Clients to cooperate with Case Study Articles?

You'll never get it without anything more than the costs of client!

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Questetra, Inc., where I belong to, is developing software for enterprises, and providing it as a Cloud-service.


We have started providing it in September 2009, and thankfully, it is used by many enterprises. In order to be used by more companies, it is important to inform about Client Case Studies in a way that is easy-to-understand.


In this post, I will write about how I made it to get the clients to cooperate.



The cost the Client bares to create an Article


To create a case study article, I need “Materials”. “Materials” can be obtained from the client.


I write a draft from this “material”. But before publishing the article, it must be reviewed by the client. I need to ask the client to review the article so that it does not become detrimental, for example, by including confidential, inappropriate or mistaken information, or exaggerations.




  • Obtaining materials
  • Review of draft


Are required to complete of an article. And for these, the client has to spare their precious time.


To ask for the client to pay the time cost, I had to figure out a Business Process for the Article creation.


It is important for the client “to see a benefit” and “to be reassured”.


Benefit to be seen


We are the ones who “want to create an article”. We are getting the most benefit out of the case study on “our side”.


There is no reason for the client to pay the cost for helping us creating an article. Or rather, it is common that they cannot afford the cost.


Therefore, to get them to cooperate for the case study article creation, we need to make them see the mutual benefits.


In practice, the following two methods are possible.


  • Providing services (or products) in exchange
  • Incorporating contents that will be beneficial for the client within the article


Also, a combination of these two can be considered.


In many cases at Questetra, we get their cooperation by including the client’s information in the article, or by introducing their innovative approaches.




Every time I ask clients to cooperate, they ask me the question of “Could you let me review the article before publishing it?”.


  • What’s the process for creating the article?
  • Aren’t there prejudicial contents for their company in the article?


These two points, make clients feel “uneasy”


Therefore, it becomes important to explain the “Business Process for Creating Article” to the client.


  • Is the internal review of the article correctly done?
  • At what point is the review by the client offered?
  • Is the deadline to review the article provided to the client sufficient?


In Questetra, we always try to reassure the clients with materials which we have put together to explain how we try to write an article that would be beneficial to the client, and how the client can review it.






To get the consent for creating a case study article, you need a way “to make the client see the benefits” and “to reassure them”, as I described above. More than ever, “Trust relationships” in day-to-day business is important.


If you already have a “Trust relationship” with your client, what I have been writing here won’t be so important, as by having a “Trusting relationship”, they might be more willing cooperative.


That’s it, for today!



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