How to Utilize Free SaaS Edition Thoroughly

Questetra BPM Suite free version, you can use all the powerful features of it.

Do you like the word of “Free”? I like it. Yeah, I like it very much!


Isn’t it fascinating that I can get something for Free?


I tell you, we are providing something for Free. That is a service of Questetra BPM Suite, the only thing we offer.




To utilize Questetra BPM Suite, it will require the cost of $1,000 per month, $12,000 annually if you use it in an organization of 100 members. However, it is for Free if using within 10 or less members.
(There are some cautions for Free Edition. Please see the details in “* Notes” in This page.)


== To use thoroughly for free ==


Let me introduce how to use Questetra BPM Suite Free SaaS Edition thoroughly.


  • Able to Start a flow even without User account
  • PDF auto-generation is available
  • Capable of collaboration with other systems


The point is that all the features are available even in the Free edition.


=== Able to Start a flow even without User account ===


Questetra BPM Suite has the features that to Start a flow by receiving an email, and by receiving the value which has entered into a web-form published on the Internet.


Taking advantage of this feature, anyone who is not registered an account is able to Start a flow on Questetra BPM Suite.


You can easily build a framework that registering User accounts of only the members of Administrative section, and accepting requests and consultations from other sections by emails or web-form.



=== PDF auto-generation is available ===


Questetra BPM Suite has the feature to generate PDF files automatically. This feature is available also for Free.


For example, it is possible that the Administrative section receives a request, corresponds to it, finishes the result into PDF document automatically, and submit to the requester by email attachment.


Automatically Cenerated in the middle of Workflow


=== Capable of collaboration with other systems ===


Questetra BPM Suite has the feature to collaborate with other systems via HTTP communication, which is also available for Free.


It allows to transmit HTTP requests from Questetra BPM Suite to other systems, to retrieve or to send data.


Even the Free SaaS Edition, it is possible that to retrieve Customer information which has been stored in salesforce and use it as Options to select in Questetra BPM Suite.




== Recommendation of Free SaaS Edition ==


We sincerely recommend our Free SaaS Edition of Questetra BPM Suite to who is in trouble in Progress management on business issues in emails and Excel, or who is considering standardization of business operations.


We also have prepared How to Use Manuals on our web site for you, who are anxious if you were able to use or not.


So, please feel free to try out our Free SaaS Edition.


That’s it for today!


== Reference ==

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