While seeing the Flow, they started discussing ways to Improve it!

We held a workshop for visualization of Business Process, in collaboration with Aegif Corporation.

Hi, there!


We held a “Questetra BPM Suite Workshop” for an anonymous client* together with a partner company, Aegif Corporation.
* The name of the client cannot be disclosed…


A “Workshop” is a study session for the purpose of a more hands-on learning, rather than simply listening to the instructor. All participants operated “Questetra BPM Suite*” in order to understand its particular functions, and therefore they could explore methods of promoting the visualization of Business Processes at their workplace.
* Questetra BPM Suite is a Workflow / BPM service provided by Questetra, Inc. And it provides the visualization of Business Processes in an enterprise.



Opportunity to Hold a Workshop


The opportunity came from a request for a Questetra workshop that Mr. Ishii of Aegif Corporation received from a client.


We proposed to the client a system development which is a combination of “NemakiWare”, a Document Management system, and “Questetra BPM Suite”, a Workflow / BPM system. And luckily, our proposal was accepted.
“NemakiWare” is an open source Document Management System (ECM) developed by Aegif Corporation.


The system we proposed is meant for the creation and revision of Business Manuals (documents), and its version control and management of publishing procedures.


The role of “Questetra BPM Suite” in the entire system is to manage flows of application and approval concerning document management. However, the reason why they chose “Questetra BPM Suite” was that they expect to implement it in other areas ( other than Document management) as well, taking advantage of its flexibility.




They consulted with us to hold a workshop, based on their wishes of implementing “Questetra BPM Suite” for other various business operations as soon as the current project is completed, although it may take a while.


What the Workshop is all about


Mr. Ishii of Aegif Corporation was the lecturer for the workshop, and I assisted him.


The lecture began with a briefing of the system development project, and the role of the Workflow / BPM, “Questetra BPM Suite” in it, its concepts, etc.


Since it was a workshop, we discussed the theory briefly and focused more on the “Operation” of “Questetra BPM Suite”.


We had the participants operate “Questetra BPM Suite” tasks, so that they could learn how to draw a Business Process using the Process Modeler, how to define Data Items, and how to configure the settings associated with the user and the organization, etc.


They Started Discussing


There were 17 Participants in the workshop. They were all committed to learn until the end, even after lunch, since it was a three hour long event.



While drawing the flow of business, they became aware of the ambiguities among their ways of doing business. They started commenting to the people next to them, and gradually recognized there was a difference in each other’s understanding about the business, such as the current status of how they proceed their business, and how it should be. And that lead naturally to a discussion about the Business Process.




In this way, small discussion groups came up here and there. This phenomena is actually very common in “Questetra BPM Suite Workshops”. When people draw a Business Process Diagram, discussions come up!




I hope that there will be more and more chances for people to get to know Questetra BPM Suite deeply and in detail, like in this case.


Also, I would like to continue to collaborate with our partners in the future, because in this way we are able to present information and concepts in a wider manner in the workshop like in this case, not only from the perspective of Questetra on its own.


That’s it, for today!

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