How to Make A Sales Representative Inputting Fresh Information

Proposal of utilization of BPM (Business Process Managent) tool for Sales management

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Although I have been writing about sales management in the last few posts, I am going to stick with the same topic, today.


The Management of a Sales-issue starts with the issue’s information collection. I implemented something at work to collect the information required by both, Management and Sales sections, efficiently. I am going tell you about it here.

Managing Sales-issues with Cloud BPM


We Questetra are developing and providing “Questetra BPM Suite“, a system for the visualization of business process, as a Cloud service. Each and every business in Questetra,Inc. Is managed in “Questetra BPM Suite”, including the management of Sales-issues.


Below is the summary of the Processes of Sales-issue management inside our company.

  1. A sales rep registers the issue information upon the occurrence of a sales-issue.
  2. A sales rep updates the issue information whenever the situation changes.
  3. Referring to the previously inputted information, the Sales manager reviews the Issue-status, enter its degree of expectation, and uses it for aggregation.
  4. A sales rep defines it as a success / failure and inputs the reasons why.
  5. The Sales manager examines the reason for success / failure.


We are running a Process like the one described above using “Questetra Bpm Suite”. Drawing that Process into a Business Process Diagram, it looks like the figure below.



A method to manage status sales-issues including its flow of operations is referred to as BPM (Business Process Management). And “Questetra BPM Suite” supports its activities, which are based on the BPM method. To anyone who is interested in the details of this activity, I recommend to take a look to the Comic we’ve prepared here.


Accelerating Information Update to keep it Fresh!


The Freshness of the sales-issue is very important. Information will be useless if it is not updated by July, despite its expected contract signing deadline was June.


On the other hand, it is so hard for a Sales rep to maintain all the sales-issues that he or she is handling with the latest updates.


I tried to find a way to decrease such burden on sales reps, while maintaining the freshness of sales-issue information.


The reason for a sales rep to forget to input sales-issue information, or to delay its review, is mostly that he or she is not aware of it.


Therefore, I arranged a mechanism into a Step in the Sales-issue Management Process in which a sales rep updates the issue information. In the mechanism, a deadline is set by the automated calculation considering the expected time of conclusion, and emails are automatically transmitted to the sales rep at the times:

  1. One day before the deadline
  2. One hour before the deadline
  3. Two days after the deadline
  4. Every 24 hours after the deadline of the above 3


Emails will continue to be sent to the sales rep until the information is updated properly.


By arranging such mechanism, sales reps will be able to update information without forgetting, and the information will be maintained fresh.(They might be hating this, though…)


Accelerating Information Collecting which Ensures the Conclusion of a Contract


If you collect proper information more and more, the chance of success in conclusion of a contract will become higher.


In the screen for registering and updating sales-issue information, I have prepared input text boxes to enter information such as:

  • Business summary of the customer
  • Target business of utilization of Questetra BPM Suite
  • Challenges of the customer to be solved
  • Flow until implementation (Schedules and actions)
  • Correlation between the concerned parties
  • Competing Products / Services


When this information is prepared, it will be easy to implement measures to increase the chance of success to sign a contract.

In addition, the list of items to enter these information can be used as a framework for checking the customer’s information. For example, information which helps increase the chance of success to sign a contract will be collected, by eliciting the missing or uncertain data items one by one when meeting with the customer.


Auto-calculation of Expected Sales of the Current Fiscal Period


In our Cloud service, “Questetra BPM Suite”, there is a situation that it is a little hard to understand such as how much are the expected sales of the current fiscal period, assuming the current sales-issues will be successfully concluded.


Suppose there is a sales-issue which could account for 100,000 JPY in revenue, starting from October, for example. The “sales of this fiscal period” is calculated as 600,000 JPY for six months use between October and March.


This calculation is not so difficult, for it is only a combination of additions and multiplications.


However, when you make a sales rep calculate the sales of the current fiscal period, there will be problems, such as;

  • the calculation is tedious
  • possibility of miscalculations

At any rate, it is troublesome because every time the starting time changes, it must be recalculated.


Therefore, in order to decrease the burden of new inputs or updating information for sales reps, I arranged a mechanism to automatically calculate the sales of the current fiscal period whenever the monthly price or the starting time are entered.


This reduces the burden on sales reps, considerably. (I myself am using this too.)

I am introducing my technique for our own Sales-issue management at Questetra.


To collect information as fresh as possible while reducing the burden on sales reps. by calculating the expected sales of the current fiscal year automatically. This technique also allow Management to obtain the information they need.


So, my point for this post is, even though there are only few organizations that manage sales-issues using a BPM system yet, it is possible to manage sales-issues using a BPM system.


That’s it for today!


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