Deep Relation between Internal Controls and Workflow

Appropriate "Account management" is the basics of controlling Business processes!

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Frequent scene in which Questetra BPM Suite, a service we are providing, is utilized is the “User account management” on in-house information system.


Operations of “User account management” are issuance or termination of User account for in-house information system, and granting of authorizations to the Users. Because this duty is to issue authorizations for accessing to the critical data in the company, It has been the subject of internal audit as operations to be done precisely in many companies. (Especially in Listed companies)


We have a case story of “Impress Holdings, Inc.” for “User account management”. (By clicking the image below, you will move to the article.)



Manage precisely for the sake of Internal control!


There exist various systems in a company, like a Core system, or a Groupware that has functions such as Emailing, schedule sharing, bulletin board, or File server, or Workflow system, or Sales management system, etc.


Duties of “User account management”, which is to issue or to terminate the account, or to change the configuration of authorizations, occur every time upon joining or changing of employees.


Even though the operations of “User account management” are not hard to perform, but it is manipulation on system usage authorization and data access authority. Therefore, its procedure (process) should be managed properly.


The points are the followings.


  • To clarify the circumstances in which the policy of authorization has been determined
  • To set the authorization complying with the determined policy


Regarding determination of the authorization policy, we aim to standardize and to systematize that drafting and approval of the policy to be made by the appropriate person.


Regarding to set the authorization complying with the determined policy, we also aim to standardize and to systematize that implementation and confirmation on account issuance, termination and authorization setting for the system to be made by the appropriate person.


“Questetra BPM Suite” is utilized for realizing standardization and systematization of “User account management”.


Visualization of Progress and Improvement of Searchability


By standardization and systematization of “User account management” on Questetra BPM Suite, the precise management will become withstanding the pressure of operational audit.


But it is not all of the effect that relates to the utilization of Questetra BPM Suite.


  • Visualization of business progress
  • Improvement of searchability for processing records


Although the biggest target is to enhance internal control, it will bring an extra value of efficiency as above simultaneously by utilizing Questetra BPM Suite.


Business progress will become visible, so you will be able to understand where was a handling of issue stopped at, or how many issues have been stagnating.



Also, it will bring advantages, such as the cost of correspondence to operational audit becomes less since the records of processing would be found immediately, or reusing of the contents of past processing becomes easier.


Start BPM from IT Department!


In the operations of “User account management”, staffs of IT Department will conduct creation of user accounts or changing of authorizations, corresponding to requests from users or from the HR Department.


If you try to promote this Business process, which is the standardization and the systematization those which I mentioned in this article, it will involve the entire company so the budget for initialization and operation cost will become large.


When falling into such situation, things won’t go easily. So I recommend you to set the part which IT Department is involved as the target of standardization and systematization.




The way of increasing the success probability of standardization and systematization is to achieve a result in operations of IT Department using Questetra BPM Suite, and based on that success, to expand it to the entire company.


Incidentally, there is a method in which user accounts in each section are not needed when starting the Business Process in IT Department. There are two of them. One is to Start Business Process triggered by receiving an email, and another is to make request by entering data in a web form.


In these cases, user accounts are sufficient with the number of staffs in IT Department, so you will be able to start standardization and systematization of “User account management” in quite small scale.


The challenges that I have been talking so far, which is to achieve standardization of operations, and then systematize it for visualizing the business progress or business performances, is an activity referred as Business Process Management (BPM).


I hope you will achieve success in this activity in IT Department, and expand to the entire company.




That’s it, for today!



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