Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Advanced series 1

Let's be able to request "advice" (Escalation) and "investigation" to other departments!

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In the Basic series, I introduced how to create a simple inquiry-handling system for free. In this Advanced series, we are going to make it more sophisticated by adding features to the system which we have created in the Basic series.


Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basic Index

Challenges when asking for advice or review


In this very first article of the Advanced series, we add a mechanism to request for advice and review to other departments for inquiries that cannot be handled by the help desk alone.


At the help desk, staff will respond to “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”. There might be cases for which the members at the desk cannot correspond such as for special usage and unexpected events. For such cases, they need to ask for advice or review to a specific department which is supposed to have more detailed knowledge about the product or service, or where they have the skills to conduct a review.



When making such requests from the desk, one of the problems is they are no longer able to know the status of the inquired issue. As a result, the risk of delayed or neglected responses increases.


In order to reduce such risks, let’s modify the inquiry-handling system, which we created in the Basic series so that the status of the requested issue can be visualized.

The Inquiry-handling system which was built in the basic series was a simple way to enable the members of a Support center to answer inquiries.



This time, we will make it possible to request for advice or review from the Support center or help desk to the Product department where they have advanced knowledge on the matter.



Outlines for modifying


We are going to add features in the following order.


  1. Adding an organization “Product department”
  2. Adding a flow to request for advice / review to Product department, into Workflow diagram
  3. Adding Data Items containing input contents of advice / review
  4. Set Splitting of flow


Adding an organization “Product department”


A detailed method for adding organization / user is described in the Basic series article in detail, so those who do not know how to do it, please refer to it in the link below.


Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basic 9


After completing the following two, let’s move on to the next section.

  • Adding an organization “Product department”
  • Adding users if necessary, assign them to “Product department”



Add a flow for making request for advice / review


Launch the Process Modeler and make settings as follows.


Add a Swimlane for handing over the work to the organization “Product department” which we added earlier. Place a human Task named “Advice / review” into this Swimlane.


Then draw the flows as shown in the following figure.



Add Data Items that contain input contents of advice / review


If you don’t know how to add data items, please refer to the Basic series article where it is explained in detail.


Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basic 1


Here, we add a String type Data Item (multiple lines) named “Advice / Review result”.



Set the added Data Item “Advice / Review result” as “editable” with edit permissions so that it can be entered in the Step of “Advice / Review”.



Setting of Split


There are two arrows coming out from the Step of “Answer”. This indicates two buttons: “Finish” and “Request for Advice / Review” will be displayed when operating the Step “Answer”. The ball will flow to either of the two flows depending on which button is clicked.


In the Workflow diagram of the Process Modeler, open the property screen of the Step “Answer”. Click on the “Split” tab on this screen and make the settings as the ones shown in the following image.



  • Confirming if “The token moves to the Destination that a user selects” is checked in “Split Type”.
  • In “Determination of the destination”, modify “Button Name” to “Finish” from “condition 1”, and select “End” at “Destination” in the same line.
  • Likewise, modify to “Request for Advice / Review” from “condition 2”, and select “Advice / Review” at “Destination” in the same line.


Operation check


When all settings in the previous section are completed, save and release.


Now, let’s check the operation.


Open the inquiry form and enter the inquiry contents. Then this inquiry is displayed on the list of Offered of the user who is registered in the Organization “Support center”, undertake the Task and open the Operating screen of Step: “Answer”.


There supposed to be two buttons at the bottom of the screen “Finish” and “Request for Advice / Review”.



Click on the “Request for Advice / Review” button to finish this “Answer” Task.


Next, login as a user belonging to “Product department” and confirm this inquiry has arrived to the section “Offered” or “My Tasks”. If it has arrived (it should have arrived), enter appropriate value in “Advice / Review result” in the “Request for Advice / Review” Step, and then finish this Task.


Finally, log in as the user who undertakes the “Answer” Step, and confirm that the “Answer” Step is was allocated to him again. This time, you confirm that the value is entered in “Advice / Review result” on the screen which to operate this Task and click on the “Finish” button to finish.




In this setting, we added a mechanism for Escalation, that is, to request other departments for advice or review according to the contents of the inquiries received at the desk. Thus, Questetra BPM Suite makes it easy to standardize work and to visualize the progress of even operations that cross organizations.


You can download the archive file of the App we created this time from here. If you would like to try it immediately, please import the archive file and use it.


That’s it, for today!



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