Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basic 2

Let's publish the Inquiry form!

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This is the second article in a series of “Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free”, which are meant for people who want to make the inquiry-handling work easier.


As in the previous post we came up to the point where we created the inquiry form, this time we will explain how to publish the inquiry form so that we can accept inquiries

==To publish the inquiry form==


The setting of the inquiry form has been finished in the previous article, but the inquiry form has not been made available yet.


We will perform the step known as “Release”.


Click on the button labeled “Release developing Version 1” in the middle of the screen displayed after you close the process diagram. Even though it seems as if nothing has changed, this step makes the previously created inquiry form ready to be used.




Next, I will explain how to confirm the publishing URL of the inquiry form.


In the screen shown after clicking the release button, double-click on the round icon labeled FORM in the Process Diagram located below the button.





The property screen will be displayed. By clicking on the button labeled “URL Details”, the URL corresponding to the inquiry form will be displayed.





If you make this URL available, for example, by creating a hyperlink on your website, a system to accept inquiries will be completed.


==To confirm inquiries==


Now, let’s see how it actually works, by entering testing data in the inquiry. First, enter the URL of the inquiry form you confirmed earlier into the web browser to display the inquiry form.




The inquiry form displayed requires entering: Name of contact person, Contents of inquiry, Phone number (Destination of reply). Enter the appropriate contents, then click on the submit button below. A dialog box asking “Are you sure you want to send this form?” Is displayed, click on “Yes”.




Now, your inquiry has been accepted. You can confirm the received inquiries by doing the following:


  1. Click on “Workflow” at the top of the screen.
  2. In the displayed screen, click on “All Processes” on the left side menu to open on a new tab or new window.
  3. The previously entered inquiry will be displayed. If you sent it only once, only one item is displayed.
  4. Click on the magnifying glass icon on the left side of the inquiry to display the contents of the inquiry.


Below is a video showing these procedures. (Captions are in Japanese.)



So far, it is now possible to do two things:


  • Create and publish a form that can accept inquiries
  • Confirm the accepted inquiries


Although it is still on a simple level, it can be said that the first phase of the inquiry-handling system has been completed.




I carefully explained how to build the most rudimentary inquiry-handling system in this article and the previous one.


From now on, I am going to write articles to explain how to equip this inquiry-handling system with useful functions little by little, so please refer to them as well.


By the way, the Inquiry-handling Process Model (Inquiry-handling app) created this time can also be downloaded from HERE. If you want to see the completed Model please download and import.
* Please refer to “Using Business Template for the First Time“, for the way to download and import.


That’s it for today!


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