Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basic 4

Let's make the form capable of file-attachment!

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This is the fourth article in the series “Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free”, which is meant for people who want to make inquiry-handling work easier.


In the previous article (Basic 3), we added a mechanism to get people to agree with the privacy policy. And in this article, we are going to make the form capable of file-attachment, for the sake of convenience.



==Inquiry will become easier with Photo attachment==


Do you know the company RIMOWA? It is a company that sells high quality luggage (suitcases). I love their luggage, so I always carry mine on business trips to Tokyo or elsewhere.


Some time ago, I broke that RIMOWA suitcase, the handle broke because I overloaded it and could not bear the weight (totally, my fault). When I was searching for the contact method to have it repaired, I found that they would send me a replacement part.


Although they say that I can apply using an inquiry form, it is very difficult to explain the broken part in sentences. However, since RIMOWA’s inquiry enabled uploading files, I sent the contents of the inquiries with a brief written explanation and attached a picture of the broken part.




Just by uploading an image, the time and effort to explain was reduced and I felt no worries about whether or not I explained myself properly, so I thought it was a very good inquiry form.


Thus, if you can attach a file, communication with the inquirer will be very smooth, and you will be able to minimize the cost and stress associated with inquiries.


==Inquiry form to which files can be attached==


In the previous article (Basic 3), we added the Data Item “Privacy Policy” to create a mechanism to obtain agreement with the privacy policy. In this article, we are going to add a Data Item of “Reference file”, so that inquirers can attach a file when sending an inquiry as part of the content.


The appearance of the final inquiry form to be created this time is shown in the following image.




===Make it capable of attaching files===


You add a Data Item of “Reference File”. People who have read the articles Basic 1 to 3 are supposed to know how to add Data Items. If you haven’t, I suggest that you take a look at the articles Basic 1 to 3 to become able to create a simple Inquiry form, and then come back to this article again.


Log in to Questetra BPM Suite and make it ready for editing “Inquiry-handling” Process Model. The Process Modeler is running. The procedures from here on are described below. Also, I have prepared videos this time so, please refer to them as well.


  1. Click on the “Process Data Item” tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on the select box on the upper left corner of the screen and select “File”.
  3. One item is added at the bottom of the Process Data Item list on the left side of the screen.
  4. Drag the added item until it overlays on the Data item of Privacy Policy, drop it when the Policy changes to orange. The added items will be moved above the Privacy Policy.
  5. With the moved Data Item marked, enter “Reference File” in the field for entering the Data Item name at the top of the right setting area.
  6. Make all three Data Items, “Name of Inquirer”, “Content of Inquiry” and “Phone number (destination of reply)” as “Required”.
  7. Click on the “Process Diagram” tab at the top.
  8. Double click on the rounded icon labeled “Inquiry Form”.
  9. The property screen is displayed, and the Data Item name “Reference File” added earlier is displayed. Make this item “Editable”.
  10. Click on the “Close” button at the top right of the screen to close the properties screen.


The addition of the Process Data Item “Reference File” is now completed. Save the work done so far, exit the Process Modeler, Release the Process Model, and publish the Inquiry form.


I have made the procedure so far into a video, so please refer to it as well.


==To confirm if it works==


Please access the URL of the Inquiry form and confirm that the item “Reference File” has been added. Also, check whether you can actually upload a file.


I suppose that you can upload the file without problems as you can see in the following video.


In Questetra BPM Suite, the total size of files that can be transmitted at one time is 100 MB in total.




In this article (Basic 4), we added a function to send a file within the inquiry form. It is becoming quite a useful Inquiry form, now.


In the next article, I will explain purposely about the functions used in articles Basic 1 to 4 as a review.


By the way, the Inquiry-handling Process Model (Inquiry-handling app) created this time can also be downloaded from HERE. If you want to see the completed Model please download and import it.
* Please refer to “Using Business Template for the First Time“, for the method of download and import.


That’s it for today!


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