Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basic 6

Let's make it capable of recording the answer (correspondence result)!

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The Inquiry-handling system we have created in Basic 1 through 4, is capable of receiving inquiries, but not entering the result from responding to it. Up until now, only the event of receiving that inquiry will be recorded.


In this article, I will show you how to create a mechanism to record responses (correspondence results) for the received inquiries.



==How to place parts of “Recording answers”==


The Inquiry-handling system that we have created in Basic 1 through 4, it immediately ends upon receiving an inquiry, so the Process Diagram is shown in the following picture:





It is quite simple, just connecting two parts which is “a round parts that accepting an inquiry” and “a round parts that representing the End of the Process”.


The flow of the Business Process of the inquiry-handling system to be created this time is as follows.


  1. Receiving an inquiry via Inquiry form
  2. Recording the response to the inquiry (result of correspondence)
  3. End


That is, “2. Parts for recording the answer (correspondence result)” will be placed between “1. Round parts for accepting inquiries” and “3. Round parts for indicating the End of the Process”. The Process Diagram is as follows:




It is a human who records the answer (correspondence result). In the Process Diagram, when a person performs some kind of job (recording the answer, in this case), use a blue rectangular parts.


To arrange these blue rectangular parts and reconnect the arrow lines, follow the following procedure. We will proceed with modifying the Process Model created in Basic 1 to 4.


  1. Display detailed screen of “Inquiry-handling” Process Model.
  2. Click on the Edit button and start Process Modeler.
  3. Make sure that the Process Diagram is displayed, and drag and drop the rectangle (which turns blue when you hover the mouse cursor) in the left menu onto the Process Diagram.
  4. Modify the name of the arranged blue square to “Record answer”.
  5. Connect the arrow lines again.


I also created a video of the concrete of steps 1 to 5 described above.



==Procedure for setting the inquiry-handling system to be created this time==


We know how to place “a part to record the answer” in the Process Diagram now, we will finish up the Inquiry-handling system (Inquiry-handling Process Model) in one stroke.


IT will be roughly as follows:


  1. Place the part “Record answer” which is for recording the answer onto the Process Diagram (as in the procedure in the previous section).
  2. Add a Process Data item “Answer (Correspondence result)” for recording the answer.
  3. Display the property screen of “Record answer” in the process diagram, and set the Process Data item “Record answer (correspondence result)” to ‘Editable’.
  4. Display the property screen of the part named “Inquiry form” (part for receiving inquiry) in the Process Diagram, and set the Process Data item of “Answer (correspondence result)” to ‘No display’.


When you come this far, you can ‘Save and Release’ it, for it to be complete. I made a video showing this procedure as well, so please check it.



==Record the answer to the inquiry (correspondence result)==


Let’s check the behavior of the “Inquiry-handling” system we created in the previous section.


Display the inquiry form (*) and enter arbitrary inquiry.
* Please refer to the article Basic 2 and Basic 3 for the method to confirm the URL of the Inquiry form.


Then you will receive an email informing you that there was an inquiry. This didn’t happen in Basic 1 to 4. The email you receive will look as follows:




This is a notification email received from Questetra BPM Suite. In the first half of the email, a link (URL) to the screen to check the details of the inquiry, a link (URL) to the screen to record the response (correspondence result), etc. Are included.




In the second half of the email, contents of the inquiry etc. Are displayed. Although you cannot check the contents of the attached image there, you can check the content written in text in the email alone.


Let’s record the answer (correspondence result) to the inquiry at last. Please access the link (URL) under the text “Operate Task” in the email you received (first half). If you have logged in to Questetra BPM Suite, you can go to the screen “Record answer (response result)” immediately. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to enter your ID and password, please login.


When you access, the contents entered in the inquiry form are displayed and you are able to enter the response (correspondence result). Enter your response (correspondence result), then click on the Process completion button “Record answer (correspondence result)” at the bottom of screen → click “yes”.


With this, you have succeeded recording the result of the inquiry correspondence. I have made a series of videos showing the procedure so far, please compare it to see whether it is the same as your own.





This time, we added a mechanism to record the response to the inquiry (correspondence result) to the Inquiry-handling system which we have been creating up until now.


Specifically, we have added a part to “Record answer (correspondence result)” in the Process Diagram, and a Process Data item to record an “Answer” (correspondence result). And, it is now possible to input answers (correspondence result) by making “Answer” (correspondence result) Editable in the part of “record response” (response result).


The Inquiry-handling Process Model (Inquiry-handling app) created today can also be downloaded from HERE. If you want to see the complete Model please download and import it.
* Please refer to “Using Business Template for the First Time“, for the method to download and import.


In the next article, we will add a mechanism in which an “inquiry acceptance notification email will be automatically sent to you” when accepting an inquiry.


That’s it, for today!


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