Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basic 8

Let's confirm that the Inquiry-acceptance email is sent automatically.

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Through the series of articles of “Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Basic 1 through 6”, we proceeded up to the point of accepting an inquiry and then recording the answer (correspondence result).


In the previous article (Basic 7) and in this one (Basic 8), we will add a mechanism to automatically send “Inquiry-acceptance email” when receiving an inquiry.


In the last article (Basic 7), we progressed up to placing the parts for sending an Inquiry-acceptance email in the Process Diagram. In this article (Basic 8), we will undergo the remaining settings and confirm that the Inquiry-acceptance email is actually sent.

==Contents of Inquiry-acceptance email==


Let’s consider the contents of the Inquiry-acceptance mail before actually setting the transmission of the mail.

===The sender (From), destination (To), title (Subject) of the inquiry-acceptance mail===


Fixed wordings (values) that are always the same according to each inquiry are used for the sender (From) and title (Subject).


  • sender (From):
  • title (Subject): Your inquiry has been accepted


The above-mentioned wording (value), for example, is adequate. It is recommended to set the sender (From) to the email address that you can receive by yourself, since the email address specified as the sender (From) could be used as the address to reply to the inquirer.


The destination (To) will change according to each inquiry.


  • destination (To): Value entered in the inquiry form by the inquirer


===Body of Inquiry-acceptance mail (Body)===


As described in the previous article (Basic 7), let the contents to be written in the mail body include “wording indicating the acceptance of the inquiry” and “the content of inquiry (contents entered in the inquiry form)”.


For example, something similar to the one in the following image.





In addition to the wording indicating acceptance of the inquiry and the information about the sender, the contents entered in the inquiry form by the inquirer are written too.


It is worth noting here that the contents entered by the inquirer from the inquiry form will vary for each inquiry, but the other words are always the same. In the following figure, the color of the text is different for the parts that vary with each inquiry.




The sections written in blue are the wordings (value) that vary for each inquiry, and the rest are the ones (value) that are the same every time.


==Transmission setting of Inquiry-acceptance mail==


The blue text shown in the previous section, that is, the part where wording (value) varies for each inquiry, will be replaced with the value of the Data Item handled in each and every Inquiry-handling Process.


It is better to create sentences for which the blue part is removed, beforehand. Later on, we will make settings for the value of the data item to be inserted into the blue part.


Customer Support, Example, Inc.

Dear Mr/Ms. ,

Thank you for contacting us.
We would like to announce you that we received the following inquiries.

- Your name: 
- The contents of your inquiry:

- Your phone number: 
- Your Email address: 
- Reference file: 

You will be receiving a reply to your inquiry shortly.

Best regards

Customer Support, Example, Inc.


What does that mean?


Let’s check it while actually doing the transmission setting of the inquiry-acceptance mail. To do this, follow the steps below. Immediately after the explanations, there are videos showing these settings, so please refer to them as well.


We will restart from the point where the part to send the email was placed in the Basic 7 article.


  1. Open the properties screen of the part for sending the mail.
  2. Set an appropriate email address (to receive a reply from the inquirer) into the item “From”.
  3. Select “Email address” from the select box next to “Embedded command”. Select and copy the character displayed next to this select box, or click on the “Copy to clipboard” button on the right of the property screen.
  4. Paste into “To”.
  5. Type the sentence “Your inquiry has been accepted” into “subject”.
  6. Copy & Paste the deleted sentences in the previously mentioned blue section into the “Body”.
  7. Copy the Process Data Items from Embedded Command and paste to the appropriate place in the Body, i.e. “Name of contact person (2 places)”, “Inquiry content” “Phone number (Destination of reply)”, “E-mail address”, “Reference file”.
  8. Exit the Process Modeler.
  9. Release the Process Model.


You can also review these instructions in the following video.



==Confirm Inquiry-acceptance mail==


Now, let’s check if the inquiry-acceptance mail really will be sent. Let’s display the inquiry form and make an inquiry using test data.
For the way to display the inquiry form, please refer to the Basic 2 article.


Open the form and input the following data in the inquiry form, for example.




Then the following e-mail will be delivered to the email address you entered in “Email address”.



You can see that, the section where you pasted the characters, for example ${[Contact Name]: 0]}, in the setting of the parts (Throwing Message Intermediate Event (Email)) which sends the email arranged in the Process Diagram has been replaced with the value entered in the Inquiry form.




Through the previous article (Basic 7) and this article (Basic 8), we have added a mechanism to automatically send “Inquiry-acceptance email” when receiving an inquiry.


The Inquiry-handling Process Model (Inquiry-handling app) created this time can also be downloaded from HERE. If you want to see the completed Model please download and import it.
* Please refer to “Using Business Template for the First Time”, for the way to download and import.


The “Inquiry-handling system” we have been creating so far is capable of


  • Receiving inquiries
  • Sending Inquiry-acceptance mail
  • Recording the answer (correspondence result)


It is becoming able to do a variety of things. However, in the present state, you, the one making this “inquiry-handling system”, are the only person who can respond to inquiries.


In the next article, we will make improvements so that the entire team, such as customer support center or support desk can respond to inquiries.


That’s it, for today!


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