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Make it capable of handling inquiries with "organization"!



Through the series of articles about “Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free , Basic 1 through 8, we have created an “Inquiry-handling system” with the following functions.


  • Receiving inquiries
  • Sending Inquiry-acceptance mail
  • Recording the answer (correspondence result)


You, the one who created this Inquiry-handling system, are the only person that can use it. It is in a condition where only you can notice there was an inquiry or to record answers (response results).


In this article we will improve the system to make it available to be use in organizations, such as Customer support center or Help desk. We are going to add settings to the Process Model which we have been using so far and check its operation. However, if I write everything in one article, it will be very long, so I will write up until the addition of settings to the Process Model in this article.



==What is an inquiry-handling system that can be used in an organization?==


Responding promptly and appropriately to customer inquiries will bring great value to companies, such as increasing customer satisfaction and acquiring sales opportunities. Normally, such inquiries will be handled by an organization referred to as Customer Support Center or Help Desk.


An “Inquiry-handling system” exists to make the processing of inquiry-handling work easier, but what kind of functions are required for it to be able to be used in an organization?


  • All members of the organization are able to detect that there was an inquiry
  • All members of the organization are able to record responses (response results)
  • To be able to know which inquiries have not yet being corresponded


Many other functions are also required, but at least the above three are the minimum required functions.


In order to add these functions, we will make the corresponding settings in the following two steps.


  1. Registration of Organizations / Users
  2. Setting handler of inquiries


Now, let’s make specific settings.


==The Inquiry-handling system created in the article so far==


In this article, we will add a new function to the “Inquiry-handling system” we have created up to this article (Basic 1 through 8). Therefore, it is assumed that you have completed those settings so far.
* Links to articles Basic 1 through 8 are put together at the end of this article.


Those who have not read the Basic 1 to 8 articles yet, I recommend you to read the Basic articles 1 to 8 in order, and create an Inquiry-handling system of your own little by little according to the procedure.


Those who claim ‘I do not have the time!’, please download the files related to the Inquiry-handling system created in Basic 1 to 8, from HERE
* Please refer to “Using Business Template for the First Time” for how to download and import.


The inquiry-handling system operates on “Questetra BPM Suite”, but if you do not have Questetra BPM Suite use environment, the method of how to obtain it is explained in the Basic 1 article.


==Registration of Organizations / Users==


In the series of articles of “Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free”, an “Inquiry-handling system” is created based on “Questetra BPM Suite”.


By registering Organizations / Users information on “Questetra BPM Suite” and making appropriate settings, an organization will be able to respond to inquiries, as a team.


First, register an organization and its users as follows.


  • Register an Organization called “Support Center”
  • Register (two) Users who belong to the Organization “Support Center”


Since User name, an email address, and a password are required for user registration, you need to procure this information for two Users in advance.


The procedure for registering the Organization and Users is as follows. I also show this procedure in a video, please refer to that as well.


  1. After logging into Questetra BPM Suite, click on “System Setting” displayed by clicking on the User name in the upper right corner.
  2. A User List screen is displayed in a new tab (or new window). Click on “Organizations List” on the left menu.
  3. A list of Organizations already registered will be displayed. Click on the “+New Organization” button at the top of the screen.
  4. Type into Name as “Support Center”, and click on the “Create new Organization” button below.
  5. Click on “User List” on the left menu.
  6. A list of previously registered Users is displayed. Click on the “+New User” button at the top of the screen.
  7. Enter “User name”, “Email address”, and “Password” you have ready. Select “Support Center” which you registered earlier in Main Organization, then click on the “Add new user” button just below.
  8. Repeat #5-#7 to register the second User.


I show these steps in a video. Please refer to it as well.




==Setting handler of inquiries==


In this section, we will make the setting for enabling a User belonging to the “Support Center” Organization to perform the subsequent processing when an inquiry arrives.


The “Inquiry-handling” Process Diagram created up to the previous article was as follows.




Inquiries are accepted at “Round part accepting inquiries” and inquiry-acceptance mail will be sent automatically at “Round part to send email”. After that, someone will record the answer (correspondence result) at “Blue part to record the answer (correspondence result)” and it Ends.


With the current setting, the only person that can perform the Step of “Recording the Answer” is the one who created this Process Model, that is you. The long grayish rectangle parts with the name “Swimlane” is the parts that decides who processes this blue parts. You can see the word “Swimlane” in the Process Diagram.




When this part (Swimlane) was placed the first time, you have been assigned in the initial setting.


Blue rectangles placed onto the Swimlane can be processed by members of Organizations or Users designated by the Swimlane. Currently, the Swimlane has assigned you, but we will change this to the Organization “Support Center”. The specific procedure is shown below.


  1. Log in to Questetra BPM Suite and click on the magnifying glass icon of the “Inquiry-handling” Process Model to display the Process detail screen.
  2. Click on the “Edit” button to start the Process Modeler.
  3. Double-click on the long rectangular parts labeled “Swimlane” to display the property screen.
  4. Change the name to “Support Center”.
  5. Click on the “Operator” tab at the top of the screen.
  6. On the displayed screen, click on the part where your name is displayed (user “XXXXX”) and click on the “Edit” button just above it.
  7. Click on the radio button (organization) second from the top and click on the select box next to it.
  8. After the “Select Organization” screen is displayed, select the Organization “Support Center”. Click on the “Select” button to close the “Select Organization” screen.
  9. Then close the window by clicking on the “Submit” button.
  10. Click on the “Close” button at the upper right corner of the screen, and click on “Yes” when it asks if you want to save the change.
  11. Release the Process Model.


With this procedure, users belonging to Organization “Support Center” will be able to record the answers (correspondence results) to inquiries. Below, you can also refer to the video showing this procedure.





With the settings we have done so far, it is now possible to notify that the members of the Organization “Support Center” received an inquiry via the Inquiry form, so that the member who responds to the inquiry can record an answer to it.


In the next article, we will see what kind of behavior it will have with this setting.


The Inquiry-handling Process Model (Inquiry-handling app) created today can also be downloaded from HERE. If you want to see the complete Model please download and import it.
* Please refer to “Using Business Template for the First Time“, for the way to download and import.


That’s it, for today!



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