Tips of Choosing Workflow Product :”G Suite Connectivity”

Cloud-Based 'Groupware'- Cloud -Based 'Workflow'

The people making the selection of a Workflow system are often making the selection of Groupware at the same time

It is also very hard to make the selection of the Groupware that have features such as email, calendar, bulletin board, file sharing, because there are many types of them as well as workflow systems.

Questetra-Google Apps

Among them, there are many companies to choose G Suite groupware of cloud type (formerly Google Apps), which is used by more than 5 million companies.

Web site of G Suite is HERE.


And Questetra is consulted by so many people who think if they would introduce a Workflow system, it shall be better compatible with G Suite.

Although there are various points to select a Workflow system, I say it is very important that if it would work with the Cloud-based groupware “G Suite”, which is used by 5 million companies in the world.

Talking about “connectivity with G Suite”, specifically it has good connectivity if it satisfies the following three.

  1. Can use in single sign-on
  2. Easy to synchronize the User/ Organizations information
  3. Can output data to G Suite


I will explain each in detail.

== 1. Can use in single sign-on ==

Users of G Suite are working in the state of logged in, displaying Gmail or Google Calendar on their browser. You can reduce the burden on the user if they can use the workflow system using that authentication, because it is already authenticated About using G Suite.

When a User wants to use Workflow system,

  • Logged in G Suite already
    • No need to input ID/ Password to use the Workflow system.
  • Not logged in G Suite yet
    • Displaying the login screen for G Suite, by inputting ID/ Password for G Suite, the Workflow system can be used.

If the Workflow system was capable of the above, the Users not only can reduce inputs of ID/ Password, they even don’t have to memorize ID/ Password for the Workflow system.

It would be so nice to the Users.


About Single Sign-on, please also refer to the following article.

Reference: “Tips of Choosing Workflow product “Single Sign-on”


== 2. Easy to synchronize the User/ Organizations information ==

One of the of the system administrator concerns is annoyance of User / Organization information management.

It’s all right to introduce a Workflow system, but management of User/ Organization information become complicated more… Everyone cannot help feeling like that.

In order to solve the such trouble, it is also useful, if there was a mechanism that User/ Organizational information that is already registered in G Suite can be easily synchronized with Workflow system.

This kind of mechanism is also important for a Workflow system to be easy to handle even for the system administrator.


== 3. Can output data to G Suite ==

A lot of data is accumulated in the workflow system. “Taking advantage of the data stored” is one of the benefits of using a Workflow system.

  • Expense Report flow…
    • Want to calculate the total amount for each subject on approved cases.
  • Quote Submission flow…
    • Want to examine the amount of submitted quote per each salesman.
    • Want to know the average unit price of a submitted quote per every area.
  • Inquiry Support flow…
    • Want to aggregate the frequency of escalation for each type of Contact
    • Want to know the average time for answering a query after accepting by the type of inquiry.

On and on, you can get a lot of information by aggregating data that has been accumulated.

Because there is a Google Spreadsheet in G Suite, if the Workflow system had a hook to Google Spreadsheet which data stored in the workflow system can be handled easily, the utility value of a workflow system for the user increase further.


That’s it for the description about connectivity with G Suite, and this would be enough to say ‘it is a handy Workflow system that cooperates with G Suite’, if the Workflow satisfies them.


And our recommending Cloud-based workflow system, (BPM system) Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition covers all the points of these three.
Questetra and Google Apps

1. Can use in single sign-on

As I described in ‘Tips of Choosing Workflow product “Single Sign-on”‘, Questetra BPM Suite will be able to single sign-on with G Suite in one simple setting.


2. Easy to synchronize the User/ Organizations information

Questetra BPM Suite has the ability to take in User/ Organization information which is registered in the G Suite in a batch with the settings, as well.

Also capable of

  • Taking in Users who are not registered in Questetra BPM Suite in a batch,
  • Deleting Users who are registered only in Questetra BPM Suite in a batch.


3. Can output data to G Suite

Business execution data that has been accumulated in Questetra BPM Suite can be output in the form of a Google Spreadsheet to Google Drive.


Please take a look at the following page about an overview of collaboration of Questetra BPM Suite with G Suite if you are interested.

Reference: ““G Suite Login functions”

And if you want to start now,

By doing these, you can enjoy Questetra BPM Suite in cooperation with G Suite.

And that’s it for today!

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