Tips of Choosing Workflow product “Single Sign-on”

It is important to check if the Workflow product supports "Single Sign-on" that helps to reduce burdens on the user. Questetra BPM Suite has a mechanism to achieve SSO with Cloud services such as salesforce, Google Apps, and at the same time, to achieve SSO with Active Directory in an intranet by SAML2.0.

Single Sign On (SSO) is one of the important points when choosing a Workflow product.

Simply put, single sign-on is a mechanism that allows you to use multiple systems with a single set of ID and password.




There are a lot of systems within the company such as Email, Groupware (Calendar, BBS, etc.), File server, and Workflow, employees must understand and use them to do their jobs.

Users (employees) must enter the ID and password for each system, but if they can get away with using only one set of ID / password , they will be very happy.

When the single sign-on mechanism is introduced, the user does not need to remember multiple sets of ID / passwords, and freed from the annoyance of entering the ID / password many times, and also reducing the risks of lost or forgotten ID / password.


Introducing a Workflow system means adding yet another system that employees must use, which might cause them negative feelings for having to remember a new ID / password, so it is important if the Workflow system which you are going to introduce supports SSO or not.


When considering the introduction of workflow system, it is important to check whether the workflow system supports Single Sign-on or not, also whether the system you are using and the ID provider of your company supports the method of Single Sign-on or not.


Of course, Questetra BPM suite which we Questetra are proposing to you, supports Single Sign-On.

Because it supports the single sign-on system called SAML 2.0, collaboration with your ID provider is available with some simple settings.

With SAML 2.0, you can collaborate with cloud services Salesforce and Active Directory

It also has a mechanism to achieve Single Sign-On with Google Apps cloud services with Open ID. Just make some simple settings, you will be able to login to Questetra BPM Suite with Google Apps ID (email address) / password as well


Questetra BPM Suite の SSO


We published the Details on how to set it up, etc. on Website of Questetra BPM Suite, so please take a look.

That’s it for now!

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