How to Establish System Utilization; “Custom Makes All Things Easy”

Expand to make them being accustomed, rather than expansion after accustomed.


I imagine there are a lot of people who are trying hard to let everyone in the organization use the System which themselves have promoted introduction of it.


So as the person in charge, who decided to introduce “Questetra BPM Suite“, must be devoted to devise in order to everyone in the organization to make use of it.


Although there are many possible ways “to make everyone in the organization utilizing it”, which means “establishing of System utilization”, the keyword for the method I am introducing here is “Custom makes all things easy!


== Even though started out with One flow… ==


This is a story from a particular customer who are using Questetra BPM Suite by 300 Users.


That customer began with the operation of Decision-making flow on Questetra BPM Suite.。


In the beginning of operation, although a lot of Decision-making issues had started up on Questetra BPM Suite, each issue wouldn’t be ended. The cause was that the Users who did not understand how to use Questetra BPM Suite very well, had not properly processed the Steps of “Approval”, etc. in each of the Issues.


It was a situation where about 800 issues of Decision-making were existing constantly. That situation was too far from “Speeding up of Decision-making” that was expected.


== Surprising expansion, even it has not been established yet… ==


The person in charge of introducing Questetra BPM Suite, buried his head in his hands for a long time, and finally he started expanding the range of target operations.


He defined many flows other than Decision-making on Questetra BPM Suite. He had induced the users to handle more and more operations on Questetra BPM Suite.


It seemed kind of pushy, but the users were able to increase opportunities to manipulate Questetra BPM Suite by widening the range of target operations. As the result, they were able to get accustomed to manipulating Questetra BPM Suite soon.


About 800 issues which used to have been stuck in the beginning, has been reduced to 200 now even though the range of target was widened.


== Trials and Errors for “Establishment of System utilization” ==


It truly is one of the methods for “Establishment of System utilization” that narrowing the target operation to make the users to get accustomed to using of Questetra BPM Suite gradually.


However, it can be said that, when that method doesn’t work well, it is also an effective method to achieve “Establishment of System utilization”, to contrary widen the range of target operations to increase opportunities to touch Questetra BPM Suite.


That’s it for today!

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