How to Evaluate Questetra (Step 1)

Hi, there.

I often hear voices from customers who are using Free SaaS Edition of Questetra BPM Suite, saying

“I want to evaluate Questetra BPM Suite, but what should I start with?”
“Does the evaluation itself take a lot of duties?”, and so on.

Breaking down these voices, these are classified into

  1. Don’t know which steps should I take to evaluate the product.
  2. Don’t know how to design a Process Model.
  3. Wonder if the Process Model fits the actual business?
  4. Wonder if there are repulsions for non-experience or unfamiliar operation by the general users.

I am going to focus on “1. Don’t know which steps should I take to evaluate the product”, this time.。

At first, the characteristics of Questetra BPM Suite are;
* Capable of building a business system in a short time
* No need of knowledge of programming or system
* Working just on browser for all the operations



To conduct the evaluation with taking advantage of the characteristics, “practical evaluation” is appropriate.
evaluative introduction


That is, “to proceed the evaluation in building little by little, and running it actually”.
Here is a summary of overall steps.

evaluation step
Step 0 (Organize current business challenges) and Step 1 (Understanding of the function Overview) are pre-preparatory stages.
Regarding Step 0 it is necessary, regardless of whether to use Questetra BPM Suite or not.
When you find it matching the requirement of the features at Step 1, it finally goes to Step 2 (Prototype evaluation).
Try to design a Process Model by yourself and let it run practically.
You will be able to proceed your evaluation more efficiently if you download and modify Sample Process Models from “Workflow-sample site”.

An example of “Work Request flow is good for New Year’s Workflow Trial”, for example, is recommended for Prototype evaluation since it is a common Business flow which is performed in emails and paper in many companies.
It is also possible to search business operations you want to try at Search box, and give them tryouts.

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