What is the Purpose of Visiting Existing Customers?

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There are various tasks for a sales representative. “Visiting Existing customers” is one of them.


What is the term for the activity “Visiting Existing customers”?



Importance of Visiting Existing customers


In Questetra, we are developing a system, “Questetra BPM Suite” that visualizes in-house business. Thankfully, “Questetra BPM Suite” is used in many enterprises. And for our sales representatives, visiting existing customers who have been doing business with us is quite an important activity.


  • To make a proposal to increase the contract’s amount
  • To make a proposal to reduce the risk of cancellation of a contract


Visits to existing customers is an essential activity to make such proposals, and we need information collection to do so.


You may say that the activities are merely related to the sales of Questetra, but it is not only that. The point is that, both, increasing a deal amount and reducing risk, would lead to a more active utilization of our service which will result in the satisfaction of the customer.




another Important Reason


So, visiting existing customers is a very valuable activity. However, it is also very important in a different way in fact. That is because meeting with an existing customer is a great chance to hear their thoughts on our products or service.


Requests from existing customers are very valuable for improving the quality of our service, customer satisfaction, establishing trust, and continuously grow our business. In general these requests are about:


  • About the improvement in functionality
  • About appearance of the Operational Screen
  • About the information communication on our Website
  • About email inquiry follow-ups
  • About contracts


When you hear the word “request”, you may think it is about something functional, but it isn’t always the case. We receive different kinds of requests.


We have opened a website to receive inquiries regarding “Questetra BPM Suite” functions, and some of our customers send us their requests there. Also, others send them directly to our sales representatives and Customer support via email.




However, many of the customers may think that communicating their requests using these tools is troublesome, or even hard to put into sentences. In order to hear the valuable requests from such customers, there is no other way but meeting face to face.


A good sales representative should care more about how to elicit requests from our customers, instead of only focusing on making proposals.




Web-conferencing, which are available nowadays, allows us to hear the demands of our customers easily without having to meet face to face. Isn’t it wonderful that we have chance to hear the demands from customers who are far away, including foreign countries?


By the way, we are also engaging in indirect sales of “Questetra BPM Suite” in order to be used by more customers. However, as the ratio of indirect sales increases, we will become unable to visit existing users, which could be a good opportunity to hear the demands mentioned above. That is frustrating.


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