How a Business Manual should be for being Easy-to-use?

Easier reference, more utilization!


‘Are you utilizing the Business manuals?’ ‘No, I’m not’


Business manual which someone might have worked hard to create it. Why don’t you utilize it? What’s going on at the site of business operation?



== Raison D’etre of Business Manuals ==


In the business in an organization, multiple people cooperate to create some deliverables.


Upon making the deliverables, it is required that by whoever did it, a constant quality to be maintained, or to be made at a certain cost, or delivery date to be kept. “Business Manuals” exist to meet such requirements, even if whatever the state of people composing the organization are.


Although above are requirements in the aspect of QCD*, moreover, there exist matters that must be done for compliance to statute.
* QCD:Quality, Cost, Delivery


In the “Business manuals”, things that should be done in the aspect of QCD and in the aspect of compliance to statute are written. Therefore, the “things must be done” will precisely be done with referencing the manuals, if needed, at the site of operation.


== Why don’t You Utilize the Business Manuals! ==


“Nobody uses the Business Manual! Even though I worked so hard to create it!”


Same old story… Even though there are manuals, it is being done in a little bit different way at the site of business operations.


The fact that “it is hard to see the business manual” is probably the greatest factor of not being used at site of business operations.


  • How should I do this?
  • There should be an easier way…
  • I think there should be some point I must be careful about…


If you think such a thing at the time of business operations, you should make reference to the business manual immediately. However, for those who hold a lot of work, there is no time to do so. They are apt to proceed their work in their own thoughts and belief without reference to the business manuals.


== Try to Use a Workflow System! ==


If the reason for not utilizing Business manual was “hard to refer”, make it into “easy reference”.


Being capable of reference the manuals on PC is good for people who are working on PC. Moreover, it will be more convenient if provided a state that the manuals is displayed on the operating screen of each Step.


You may think you will need to develop a sort of system to build such a scheme, but it’s not so crucial. You will be able to realize this relatively easily using a Workflow system.
(We’ve got a free-of-charge Cloud-based Workflow.)


I would like to give you advice on choosing a Workflow system. Simple workflow system that specializes in application-approval flow is limited its range of target business. Therefore, please select the workflow system that can define the business flow more flexible.
(“Questetra BPM Suite“, which Questetra,Inc. is providing, has a very wide range of target business.)


On a Workflow system, you can create input screen for each Step of Business flow in simple settings. Within the input screen, you can describe things that should be done on the Step, in other words, what is written in the manuals easy-to-understand.




Things which to be careful upon requesting something are indicated on the screen for making request, or things which to be noticed upon checking something are shown on the screen to make confirmation. That would be the most “easy-to-reference” Business Manuals.


Regarding utilization of Workflow system, there is a further advantage. That is, the description on the input screen of the Step is always kept up-to-date.


In a case of business operations where to write the request in a manner that was prepared in Excel, there is no guarantee that the description that has been written in the Excel file is up to date because it can be replicated easily. It could happen that business operations be processed on the rules of the past if using Excel. Such a trouble won’t happen as long as using Workflow system.


= =


It is very important to create Business Manuals for maintaining a certain quality, or complying statute. It is worth trying the utilization of a Workflow system so that the Business Manuals to be used as expected.


That’s it for today!



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