Business Expansion Starts from “Standardization of Business”

Let's break away from the state of highly dependent on individual!

As I described in “The Way of Business Improvement for Startup Companies“, there are many Startup companies among the customers of Questetra.


I found some of the proprietors of Startup companies have the thoughts that they want to eliminate their anxiety for business expansion, through interviews in my day-to-day sales activities. That is, they are feeling that despite how strong the business has been, it won’t success in the way it is now, even if they increase floor space or carry out capital investment or recruit people in order to expand the business to twice or three times.


Therefore, those proprietors often focus on Business Process Management or BPM, and consult us Questetra.




== Superman ==


These anxieties of the proprietors of Startups might be because they are thinking that Superman has been promoting the business.


The people who have been participating in the business since early time of its establishment are able to make decisions at occasions and to exert abilities, because they are hard workers and have higher consciousness. However, to put it the other way around, it is a situation that the same output will not come out if not such a Superman.


But can you expect the same thing as Superman to people who will come join in the future?


== So, BPM, or rather Business Standardization ==


BPM has been focused as the measure of eliminating such anxieties, and I think the most important thing is “to remove dependency on individual skills”.
* Please see Questetra comic for What’s BPM.


This “Exclusion of dependency on individual skills” can be achieved by Standardization of business.




Standardizing of business means to put in the state that the processing of a business issue to be performed in the same way by whoever is in charge for. A method that to create a business manual on the properly decided business rule is often adopted.


In BPM, it begins with understanding the business operations as a flow (process), and then create a Business flow chart (Business Process Diagram) to clarify the work to do in each Step. This is also one of the approaches to “the Standardization of business”.


I think the anxiety for business expansion when a lot of new employees would join in, it will become smaller if business has been standardized, or if performing of the standardization of business has become a habit.


== Incidentally, it would also be a preparation for Listing on Stock exchange ==


I think many proprietors of Startups are aiming Listing on Stock exchange. Upon the audit for initial listing, in roughly speaking, they will check whether the operations related to money have been standardized, and whether the business issues have been processed along the standard.


The audit for initial listing includes checking on the situation of Business standardization. Therefore, your approach to Standardization of business means to prepare for listing at the same time.



As we have studied so far, for the business expansion in the Startup companies that aiming the listing to the Stock exchange, the Standardization of business is required at the earliest possible stage. And this standardization is the first step of commitment to BPM, Business Process Management.


Questetra BPM Suite” which we have developed and now providing as a Cloud service, will support your BPM activities. We hope you to utilize it for your “Standardization of business”, the first step of BPM. (It is available for Free till a stage of standardization.)


That’s it for today!


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