FAQ. Can I Start Business Processes from Received Emails?

How to start a Workflow using "email" or "Web form" as a trigger
Can I start Business Processes from received emails?
Yes, you can. Also, you can start a Business Process from a Web form entry.

There are several “methods to start a Workflow”.

Normally, most of the Workflows are started by a worker him/herself, or by a direction/request from superior or a staff in other section. Whereas, there are also cases where a workflow is started with an external starting point such as “inquiry by e-mail” or “request for information from web form”.

Questetra, of course, is preparing a mechanism that can deal with these cases, so I will briefly introduce it.

Business Process Started by 'Email Arrival'

Starting by Emails

First, prepare an email address that is dedicated to “Start a workflow”.
Setting it is easy. Just place a Start Event (circle icon) with an envelope mark on it, and specify the email address into its properties.
* Message Start Event (email)

Next, prepare the Data Items for storing the sender / sender address / email subject / email body, etc. And when you associate with each element of the email, all the settings are done.


Although it is necessary to design the business flow itself according to the business purpose, first try with a simple business flow.
Sending mail to a dedicated email address, a Workflow will start automatically and you will see that the task has arrived.


Please see the following document for the details.

[AUTO START] Auto Starting Triggered by Incoming Email


Starting by Web form

It can be realized by linking the Web form and “Message Start Event (HTTP)”.
(Unfortunately, at the moment Questetra alone can not do that, but someday surely …)


Even though “Collaboration” requires somewhat advanced settings (and program preparation), using “Google Drive form” it is relatively easy to get started.

[AUTO START] Auto Starting Triggered by Google Form Entry

As long as it has a mechanism that allows you to send arbitrary HTTP requests from the web form side, other web forms can be used.



Actually, in a scenario where you “Want to accept requests from people who do not have an account in Questetra”, I think that there are quite a few users who are using these methods to start Workflows.


Also, since version 9.7 (July 2013), you can now insert your own web form such as “Application form” and “Inquiry form” on a website and blog page.
Since the entered application data and inquiry contents are directly imported into the workflow, quick workflow processing can be realized with easier settings.

Please see the following document for the details.
[AUTO START] Auto Starting Triggered by Published Web Form Entry

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