FAQ. How Wide is the Sharing Range of a Message Posted on [Open Chat]?

Understand the extent of sharing posts and let messages reach them properly.
On whose timeline does a message posted on [Open Chat] appear?
It is displayed on the timeline of Users who are included in “a range determined by; A.) Specified sharing area, + B.) Mention designation, + C.) Topic”.


Messages posted on [Open Chat] are not displayed in the [Timeline] of all Users. In order to effectively deliver it to the person you want to confirm the message, let’s post paying attention to the sharing scope and destination of the message.

Note that, even the messages that are not displayed in your [Timeline] will be displayed in search results and so on. All posts on [Open Chat] are “open”, so you should be aware of it as well.



Messages posted in [Open chat] are displayed in the timeline of Users included in the items A, B and C.

A. Specified sharing area

You can select from a “Follower”, “Organizations to which you belong to”, or “(Unspecified)”, when posting a message.
If you want to send a message to members of the same organization, specify “Organization to which you belong” and post.
In addition, if you select “(Unspecified)”, it will be displayed only on your own Timeline. (Normally, it will be used in conjunction with “2. Mention designation”. And other Users will be able to see it in a search result, etc. As well)

B. Mention designation

By posting using “@Username” or “%Organization name”, you can explicitly nominate and post. It is used especially when there is a specific person or department you want to convey the message to.
The addressee designated by Mention can receive an email notification when there is a post addressed to him/her.

C. Topic

In [Open Chat], you can post using “# topic” on message posting. Posts with “# topics” are shared within the following scope.

  • Followers of the Topic
  • + If the topic is a Process ID (“#p number”), the participant of the Process
  • + If the topic is Process model ID (“#m number”), the Process Model manager


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