Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Advanced series – Summary

Let's create "inquiry handling system" in which response situation is apparent for free!

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I have introduced you the series of Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free, as a mechanism to reliably and efficiently respond to “inquiries” which are important contact points with customers.


I have posted 10 articles as basic and 5 articles as advanced versions, and this particular article is for summarizing 5 articles of advanced version. Grasp the outlines of each article in this particular one, and if you want to learn about the details, please see the relevant article.

Summaries of Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free ; Advanced series


In the basic series, I introduced the method of accepting inquiries at first. Whereas in the advanced series, I have been introducing a method to respond to inquiries by an organization and methods of further functional enhancement useful, aiming for further improvement on the quality of inquiry correspondence work.


To make capable of Escalation


There may be cases where staffs in Support desk ask for surveying or advises (Escalation) to specialized section, to respond to inquiries. When carrying out escalation, it becomes difficult to manage the situation such as who is holding the Issue now, or how many Issues are under escalation.


This article shows you how to create a mechanism of escalation to other departments and visualize the situation.


To set deadline on a Step


This article shows you a mechanism to lower the risk that Issues being neglected, by sending a notification email to the person in charge of the step when reaching the specified date and time.


To make answers to be sent automatically


This article shows you a mechanism in which emails are automatically generated according with the template by simply inputting the answer sentences, and those answer emails are automatically transmitted from the system.


To make operation screen to be easy-to-use


This article show you how to create an easy-to-use operating screen by setting columns and stripes to operating screens where wasteful scrolling was required and the grouping of information was difficult to understand.


To make capable of receiving inquiries by emails


This article shows you a mechanism to accept inquiries by emails, besides accepting inquiries via inquiry form. The subject, body, attachment file, etc. are automatically imported from the email.




This article of the summary of the advanced series articles, is the last of “Creating ‘Inquiry-handling system’ for Free Advanced series”.


I hope you to refer to this series, as you can create a Inquiry-handling system easily on your own.


That’s it, for today!


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