Collaborating Various Web Service/Device with Cloud-based Workflow Easily

Collaborate Questetra BPM Suite with services such as ifttt/zapier which connect various Web services on each other

In the recent Web service, it is general that API is published. It is as general as there is an expression called “API-First”. For a Cloud-based Workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” which Questetra provides, API is one of the points that are being focused on.

The services of “connecting Web services using APIs” will also evolve.

Here, I would like to introduce a way of easily realize various service connections by combining such services.

The interface of the service which is capable of Web services connections

Among such services for connections, I’m especially paying attention to the following services.

  • ifttt
    • Possible to collaborate with more than 200 services, many collaboration with hardware (IoT device)
    • Available for free
    • ifttt_logo

  • zapier
    • Possible to collaborate with more than 500 services
    • Equipped with richer collaboration triggers/actions with each service than ifttt
    • Available for free with some limitations. Paid plan includes rich processing amounts and processing frequency. Connecting with some services are limited in paid plan.

As a similar type of service, Yahoo! has released myThings.
This service is also available for free and in Japanese, but there are less services for collaborations compared with two services above.
I’m expecting the enhancement of services in the future.


As for ifttt and zapier, we introduced some actual application examples in business in past entries (Japanese only).

In addition, though it was not shown in these examples, ifttt and zapier have “an interface for sending/receiving http request (function of calling REST API and that of other services)”. That can be said as a general purpose connector for connecting various devices (IoT device etc.) and services.

Since there are some differences in specifications between ifttt Maker and zapier webhooks, it would be expected that you can realize things by only either tool depending on conditions. Please note it.

The Interface of Cloud-based Workflow

A cloud-based workflow Questetra BPM Suite also has “an interface for sending/receiving http request (function of calling REST API and that of other services)”.

Service for Connecting Web Services + Cloud-based Workflow

By connecting interfaces described above, you can realize the following things very easily.

Triggers of events or something from hundreds of services -> ifttt・zapier -> Processing tasks in Questetra
Processing tasks in Questetra -> ifttt・zapier -> Actions to hundreds of services

As specific cases, the following things are considered.

  • Register the schedule of maintenance to Google calendar -> Auto-starting Workflow for maintenance when reaching the date
  • Create manuscript for announcing service release -> Fix manuscript with review and modification -> Auto-posting the manuscript to facebook or twitter when reaching the date
  • Searching posts on twitter with a certain keyword -> Filtering posts by manually judging if they are worth sharing or not -> Sharing with people concerned by throwing to slack

It is possible to connect Web services with ifttt・zapier only, but when it includes actions or logical determinations by humans, those are not enough. Then, by introducing Questetra between ifttt・zapier and Web services, You can deal with such cases.

In addition, Questetra has “a function of regular starting by timer” or “a function of acquiring external data and analyzing them”. For example, you can realize the following thing.

  • Start processing on 7 AM every day -> Acquire open data such as exchange rate data -> Analyze data and then format them (Up to this point, you can process in Quesetetra and then by using collaborated services ) -> Auto-post on twitter etc.

⋄Related Sample → Workflow Sample : Automatic Conversion of Sales on the Exchange Rate of the Day (Utilizing of Currency API)


Questetra provides a free trial account (SaaS). It is available for up to 10 users for free and it does not limit function and period.
You can apply from here. By all means, please try it out.

⋄When you utilize the free trial account of Questetra continuously, there is no limitation on the period. However, if you do not access the account for 15 consecutive days, the account will be suspended automatically. Please note this point.

⋄I’m going to explain more concrete setting procedures using ifttt Maker and zapier webhooks in another article.

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