Teleworking Environment in the Company and Job of PTA President

Effect of realizing teleworking environment by G Suite (Google Apps) and Questetra (own company)


Hi, there!

I usually write about system collaboration, but I pick a topic something different.

I had been a president of PTA in an elementary school where my kids attend, during last school year.

I had many occasions that I must participate, such as to make speech at ceremonies of entrance and graduation, etc. And most of them were held in daytime on weekdays. Therefore, it seems that there were many cases where the president was mainly chosen from those who worked at home or nearby so far.
I accepted the offering of becoming a president by the former president whom I met at local volunteer, because I thought that I could have valuable experiences that I can not do elsewhere.

After being agreed as not being able to participate for all the requests as a matter of course, (even for self-employed people), I tried to attend to those occadions with high priority, as much as possible.
Therefore, it took a half day leave in the morning on weekdays / a half day leave in the afternoon / going home early in the evening / all day leave, etc. occurred several times every month. Throughout the year, I think there were quite a few times. (Summing the number of half day leave and 1 day leave, it exceeded 25 times. I believe I never took that much paid leave since I started working.)

Being in such a situation, I was helped in many scenes, since the teleworking environment was being maintained at the company.

  • Handling business emails and correspond to urgent issues remotely using email and social networking, during spare time while staying in elementary school.
  • Getting home early and after my task in PTA was finished, I worked at home.
  • When PTA task took longer than scheduled in a half day leave.
    (Travel time from home to company is about 30 to 40 minutes, which is a waste of time as it took over 1 hour for round trip. Though it is limited to the days when I have no appointments to go out, etc.)

* Even though it is not related to PTA, even when I was prohibited to go to the office after recovering from flu, I could have meetings with customers via the web conference from home.

Although these were advantages in standard of teleworking, I felt the worth of teleworking again, and was really helped.
If it were not for this teleworking environment, it would supposed that;

  • It could have been hard for me to take a half day leave feeling easy, so I would have had to reduce the opportunity to attend to PTA.
    (In some cases I attended lecture meetings and I have got awarenesses for a variety of things by hearing them, so I wonder if I have had to cut down opportunities to listen to such lectures…)
  • By becoming absent while not being able to respond remotely, the burden on other members in the company might have increased.
  • More loss due to travel time could have occurred.

The main teleworking tools of our company are below.

  • G Suite(Google Apps)
    Email, calendar, file storage, Web conference, portal
  • Questetra BPM Suite
    Case management/ estimate management/ lead management related to sales operations, various claim applications, enterprise social networking

Even though it may be a self-praising since it includes our own product, I believe that it is true that I was able to correspond in better situation thanks to teleworking environment, and it was a strong backup.

Although it depends on the content of work, etc. if the environment of telework was spread more and the losses decreased in the world, I suppose they are going to a good direction as a society, when the overtime work of society as a whole decreases and each person can effectively utilize their time.

It is not that we could not do it without a teleworking environment at all, but I think that there are various things that I could get by the experience of being the PTA president in such a way. And it was good for me that I accepted the offer. (Although this may be a digression, I had a lot of opportunities of speech. I did not want to talk in front of a lot of people before, but I can get used to anything, somehow.)


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