Visualization of Book Publishing Workflow

In addition to digitizing books, digitizing the process of making books.

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At the end of the last month (May 25, 2017), I participated in a seminar sponsored by the Japan Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA), and they gave me 20 minutes to do a presentation regarding BPM (Business Process Management).


And now I wonder whether or not I could properly communicate the advantages of BPM to the people in the publishing industry.


Digitization / visualization of publication workflow


This seminar was organized by the Japan Electronic Publishing Association (JEPA) under the title “Impress R&D: Digitization / visualization of publication Workflow”.


There were 80 participants on the day and it was a great success. Probably, I suppose that many people in the publishing industry were interested in the content that the President (Mr.Iseri) and the representative of Impress (Mr. Yamashita) R&D himself was going to tell about what he has done in Impress R&D.


They introduced, specifically, the structure of a new electronic publishing platform of Impress called “NextPublishing”R&D’s.



NextPublishing, they said, makes it possible to publish a small number of copies, which could not be done by conventional publishing methods, and it will be possible to publish at low cost and in a shorter period of time than ever.


The feature of NextPublishing is that it is possible to digitize (electronically) all processes of “editing” and “production” after completion of the digital master draft, and to electronically manage the progress and achievements. Not only books can be electronic deliverables, but also all the processes leading to publication are electronic.


Since our “Questetra BPM Suite” is used to digitize the process until the completion of books after the manuscript is finished, I (Yahagi) was asked to do a lecture regarding BPM at this seminar, and that’s what this is all about.


How is BPM used to visualize business operations?


In the presentation by Mr. Iseri and Mr. Yamashita, they introduced Questetra BPM Suite in detail, so I decided, in my presentation, I would mainly explain about BPM and BPM system, and I brought Questetra BPM Suite as sparingly as possible.


When I asked how many people know the keyword “BPM” (Business Process Management) at the beginning of my presentation, the people who raised their hand was almost zero. (Only Mr. Yamashita of Impress R&D)


As I focused on making the audience understand BPM, I decided to discuss what BPM activity is, by introducing actual cases.


Basically, I always tell people who don’t know about BPM, that BPM activities are to visualise the rules, the progress and the performance of a business. And I also explain that a BPM system is equipped with functions to help visualizing those three aspects.



As a case study, I introduced SMBC Finance Service Co., Ltd. and TMJ, Inc. We also published these stories on our website. Please read them if you are interested.




I made my presentation in front of a large audience for the first time in a while. But since I don’t have experience speaking at an event where most people do not know the word BPM, I am a little worried about whether or not I could explain the BPM concept appropriately.


I am involved in selling Questetra BPM Suite believing BPM is a wonderful activity. And I felt again that I had to make more effort to explain it to people in a way that is easy-to-understand.


That’s it, for today!



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