Get a Grasp of the Ball, Using a System

Who is working at which Step now? Using Workflow / BPM system, it will be easy to understand.

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In the previous article, “Who’s Holding the Ball?“, First, I wrote about how to draw a workflow diagram of the business to recognize the location of the ball.


In this article, I would like to introduce you how to use a Workflow system to make it easy to understand the location of the ball on the Workflow diagram, instead of putting pins on a printed version of it.



A Workflow system that is capable of drawing a complicated Workflow diagram


A system, which shows where the balls of work are, is generally referred to as a Workflow system. (Sometimes referred to as BPM system)


However, among workflow systems, there are ones with which you can draw complicated Workflow diagrams and those for which you can only use predefined Workflow diagrams (mainly used for application approval flows).


In this article I introduce “Questetra BPM Suite”, which allows you to draw complex workflow diagrams. A Workflow system with which you can draw complicated Workflow diagrams means it is capable of being subjected to a wide range of businesses.


Drawing a Workflow diagram


“Questetra BPM Suite” has a function to draw a Workflow diagram referred as the Process Modeler. Since it operates on a web browser, you can use it immediately.


You can draw a workflow diagram simply by dragging & dropping “parts” for composing a Workflow diagram into a work area and connecting them with lines.


activity report flow


Exchange of ball


When you draw a Workflow diagram and do some settings, you will be able to exchange balls on “Questetra BPM Suite”.


If you enter data such as the deadline of data submission or the target period of the data in the first Step as “Data submission request” on the Workflow diagram, the ball will flow to the next Step.


After the ball leaves the Step “Data submission request” it splits into two when passing through the diamond (◇) on the flow. And each ball arrives to their corresponding Steps “Data submission X” and “Data submission Y”.


Then, you can open a screen and attach data at “Data submission X” and “Data submission Y”, likewise, if you enter data at each Step, the ball will flow again to the next corresponding Step.


In this way, the balls will flow through the Workflow diagram.


“Questetra BPM Suite”, shows at which Step is the ball in a way it is easy to understand as shown in the following picture.


making-report-process monitoring




To make it possible to understand where the balls are is one of the points for business improvement.


Although it begins with drawing a Workflow diagram properly, using a Workflow system “Questetra BPM Suite”, you will be able to exchanging balls on it and easily grasp where the balls currently are.


That’s it for today!


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