FAQ. Can I Register Account Information in Bulk?

How to Register User Information, Organizational Information and Role Information.
Can I register account information in bulk?
Yes, you can. You can register in bulk with a CSV File.


To use Questetra for team or organizations, account information of the System’s Users must be registered. Users information includes information of his/her “Organization” and his/her “Role”,which would be the base to assign tasks, must be registered as well.

== What is User/ Organization/ Role? ==

A “User” is a person who logs into Questetra and handles work.
Each User has to have his/her own email address because Questetra use it as the login ID.

Both, “Organization” and “Role” are groups of “Users”. In Questetra, a User can belong to one or more “Organizations” and “Roles”. We call a group an “Organization” when it has a hierarchical structure and has (Parent-Child) relationships. A “Role”, however, does not have a hierarchical structure, and is independent from each other.


For example, generally, a department in an Organizational Diagram such as the “Development Department” or the “Sales Department” are represented by an “Organization. On the other hand, a group of positions such as “managers”, or a project team such as “company trip planning team”, are represented by a “Role”.


In the Workflow, it is very important to define organization/ Role just as much as it is to define the Workflow itself, because the Workflow uses them to determine to whom to assign tasks, for instance, the “Members of Sales Department” or the “Managers in Development Department”.

We recommend you to write down the information to be registered before the registration.


Details of “Organization” and “Role”

== Registration in Bulk with a CSV File ==

“User”, “Organization” and “Role” can be registered in bulk, using a CSV file in the format described below.
Prepare a CSV file with a single User corresponding to 1 record in 1 line.


Registration Input Format (CSV format)
User User name,Email address,Temporary Password,affiliation 1,affiliation 2,…
Organization Organization name,Email address,Parent Organization
Role Role name,User name 1,User name 2,…


When registering “Users” in bulk, the Organization affiliation will be registered at the same time. And at bulk registration of “Role”, members of the Role (Users) will be registered.
Please note that in bulk registration, in case of overlaps, the existing data will be overwritten.

It is assumed that the Organization has been registered before the bulk registration of “Users” together with their affiliation. To bulk register, it is efficient to carry it out in the following order: 1, “Organization” 2,”Users” 3,”Role”.


How to register account information in bulk

== Sync with G Suite (formerly Google Apps) ==

If you are connecting with G Suite, Questetra can obtain the Organization and User information from G Suite, and synchronize with it.

One of the most important points of G Suite connectivity is that “it is easy to synchronize User/ Organization information”.
Please try it, if you are using G Suite.


See the following page for the details.
Import the Settings of [User], [Organization] and Group of G Suite (formerly Google Apps)



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