FAQ. I can’t Change the Display of Columns in the Table Header in [My Tasks], etc. on Chrome browser

Use other browser, or this special move!
At the time I had published this article (as of June 8th, 2015), this instance was observed. However, it seems to have been operating normally from the next Chrome version upgrade.
It was confirmed to be working properly in Chrome 43.0.2357.132.
(Appended on 2015-07-09.)


I can’t Change the Display of the Columns in the Table Header in [My Tasks], etc. On Chrome browser.
The Javascript library (ExtJS) utilized in Questetra seems incompatible with Chrome. Please work around it by using another browser, or by the way described below.


You can change the displayed columns in the table such as [My Tasks] and the table of Search result.


However, as of June 9th, 2015, a minor problem has been confirmed on the latest version of Chrome browser (Ver. 43.0), which is, the inability to select the submenu for the column display (Area ‘B’ in above figure) because the submenu disappears when you hover over it.
(This doesn’t happen in IE 11 nor in firefox.)


If you are using Chrome, you can solve this issue doing the following.

  1. Click on any one of the down arrows on the right side of any of the column headers to display a drop-down menu (A).
  2. Hovering over the [Columns] button will display a sub-menu for all of the other possible column choices (B).
  3. Before hovering over the sub-menu (B), hover over outside of both, A and B (C), then move to B. (See the figure below.)
    (You must do this quickly or the submenu (area B) will disappear.)

By doing this, area B, which had disappeared soon, will continue being displayed, and now you can change the “column display” setting.



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