FAQ. Deleted Data Items were Restored upon Duplicating a Process Model. Is it right?

Process data items are removed at the timing to activate the new version of the Process Model.


When I have removed Process Data items and duplicated the Process Model, the data items that were supposed to be removed are restored.
The time when the Process Data items are actually deleted is at the time of Releasing the Model. If the Process Model is replicated before it is released, deleted Data items will also be subject to duplication.


Regarding the “Deletion” of Process Data items, they can be flagged as “Scheduled to be deleted” on the Process Model editing screen.
(In the Data Items list screen of the Process Data item, deleted data items will appear disabled.)

The time when the Deletion of Process Data item actually takes place will be at the time of Releasing the Model.




I will explain this with an example where ‘Process Model A’ is the original process and ‘Process Model B’ is the replicated process.

Now, when you delete data items in ‘Process Model A’ without [Releasing] it, you duplicate it to create a new ‘Process Model B’. In this case, the Data items which haven’t been deleted yet (only flagged for Deletion) will appear in ‘Process Model B’ because they are subject to duplication. (And the flag is disabled upon duplication.)


When you carry out the ‘Deletion of Data item’, please do the same in ‘Process Model B’ after duplicating a Model.
Particularly, when you conduct an operational check in the manner we described in the article “FAQ. How Do I Conduct Operational Tests on a Running Business Process Definition?“, we explain how to ‘duplicate the “Process Model A” before Releasing’ it,’ please proceed with caution.

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