FAQ. Can I Reuse Past Data?

There are some conditions to reuse the past data.
Can I reuse past data?
Yes, you can. You can start a new operation reusing past data.


It is a very helpful function for cases when you need ‘to make a similar request every month’ or ‘want to divert the artifacts of other people’ or ‘cancel a request and make a re-request’. You can start a new Process by clicking on the [Start a new Process using these data] button that appears on the Process detail screen for which you want to reuse data.
data-reuseHowever, you cannot always reuse all the past data. Please note the following conditions on the Process Model and the source Process. If these conditions were not satisfied (= data cannot be reused), the button is grayed out and is not clickable.

== The Process Models you can reuse data on ==

You can only start the Process Model for which you have such permissions. That is, you can reuse the Process Models that appear on the list when you click on the [Start] button in the left side menu.

== The source Process ==

Basically, you can use the data of the Processes in which you were engaged with (handled) as a data source. If you have [Data viewer] permission, you can use all the past data of the corresponding Process Model.

== Data items to be reused ==

Only the data items that have been input at the first Task will be copied. Please note that the data that had been input at the Tasks in the middle of the Process will not be copied. Also, ‘The data which you are not allowed to view’ cannot be reused either.


The initial values that have been set in the Process Model will be overwritten with the copied data. Please make sure the data is correct, specially in cases when, for example, you are reusing other people’s data in the Process Model for which the starting User set the initial values.


== Related Information ==

Please see the following [tour] document for the details.

To Start Process By Reusing Past Process Data


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