FAQ. What will Happen to the Operational Records of the Past when I Delete a User?

Notes on Deleting Users
What will happen to the past Operational records when I delete a User?
“Operational records” or “previously entered User type data item” will remain even after the deletion of the User.

You might want to eliminate a Questetra User account when, for example, someone retires, etc. For example, let’s suppose Mr. Solomon had retired.
In Questetra, the operating records of Mr. Solomon data remain, even after you’ve deleted the User account of Mr. Solomon (it will not appear blank).

  • “Operator” in [Operation History and Current Status] in Process Detail
  • Value of “Mr. Solomon” that has been entered in User type data item

However, you must be careful when searching past records. (Process Search, etc.)

Although you can specify a User as a filter in the Search function, only existing Users will be displayed. Therefore, please note that you cannot specify a “Deleted User” (in this case, Mr.Solomon), as a search criteria.
(You can view “Mr. Solomon” in the Process Detail screen, however, you will need to access it via other search criteria such as “Start date”, etc.)


In addition, when you remove the User account of Mr. Solomon, you will need to specify a User who will take over the Issues in [My Tasks] after deletion.

(from Manual page: M306)

(from Manual page: M306)

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