FAQ. Can I Download the Data of Issues?

How to download filtered Issue's data in order of business analysis and aggregation, in a format that can be handled by Excel.
Can I Download the Data of Issues?
Yes, you can. Download function for the result of a Process Search / Task Search is provided (CSV format, etc.)


When you specify a certain business operation, you can download its business data (Process data), so that you can utilize it for activities such as:

  • Exporting a month’s worth of data altogether.
  • Aggregating and analyzing data across the Issues.

== How to Download Business Data ==


  1. Click on the [All Processes] button on the side menu
  2. Choose your target operation (Process model) in the [Process Model] screen
  3. Specify the ‘conditions’ in the [Filters] section if you want to narrow the data down
  4. Check on the data items you want to download in [Include Process Data into Search Results]
  5. Display the search result by clicking the [Update] button
  6. Click on [Download▼] and select the file format you want


As the data in the list shown on the screen is the subject to be downloaded, modify the page size (maximum 1000 titles per page) or select the page when the result is large (shown in multiple pages).


The [Include Process Data into Search Results] section will appear only when you have specified a Process Model. If you don’t see the data item names with checkboxes even after you have chosen a Process model, click on [Include Process Data into Search Results].

== How to Save Frequently used Search Criteria ==

Suppose you would analyze data of ‘Orders in the last month’ at the beginning of every month.
It is also good to specify the search criteria each time, but it will be more convenient if you saved the search criteria so that you could call it only with one click on the side menu.

Because [Include Process Data into Search Results] can also be saved as a condition, you will get the business data which is necessary for your analysis in two steps, i.e. ‘Filter target data’ and ‘Download’, as long as it has the same filtering conditions.


To save the Search Criteria, click on the [Save Search Criteria] button at the bottom of the result list after executing the search. If you check [Share] with other users at the moment of saving, other Users will be able to use the search criteria. You can see the list of available search criteria (Search condition List) by clicking on the [Others] button on the side menu.

In addition, in the [Search Condition List], a [Download All] option is available (icon with downward arrow). Although you will download several files divided in 1000 titles each (in the cases when the list has more than 1000 titles), it will be easier than repeating the downloads of the results list page by page.


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