FAQ. Can I Modify Data Later on for Mis-Input, etc.?

It is also important to prepare for data modification.
Can I modify data later on for mis-input, etc.?
You may modify depending on setting, but there are cases where you cannot.


== Data Modification by Normal User ==

When finishing the Task operation, the process goes to the next operator and the process data cannot be modified. However, it is possible to modify it by sending it back, if the workflow has been designed to enable ‘Send Back’ assuming the modification or correction of data.

It is desirable to define Tasks to carry out “data modification” beforehand as part of the workflow processing depending on the purpose and the (expected) frequency of occurrence of “mistakes” or “Data formatting for posterior data utilization”.


You can remove this kind of Task if you find it is rarely used in actual operation. Also, you can add these Tasks later on.
In Questetra, it is possible to change the design of the Business process without stopping the Workflow in operation.

== Data Modification by Authorized User ==

Users who have the following authorizations for the target Workflow (Process Model) can modify the Process data using the [Edit Data] feature.

  • Process Administrator
  • Data Viewer

You can modify data by clicking on the [Edit Data] button on the Process Detail screen of the ‘Running’ process. However, please keep in mind that it does not allow you to edit the data of Processes that have already ended. In addition, [Edit Data] operations will be recorded in the same way as Task processing, etc. In the [System Settings] > [Process Log].


The [Edit Data] feature is very convenient for correcting mis-input data or reflecting changes. On the other hand, there are risks of enabling “falsification and fraud”. This is why you will not be able to modify the recorded data, as it has been specified that [Edit Data] is disabled for Completed Processes, in accordance with compliance.

In addition, from the point of view of the trail, sometimes it may be desirable to start the process over (Re-entry / Delete the original Process), instead of modifying it via [Edit Data].

== I want to Leave Data in Completed Process! ==

  • I want to correct mistakes in data input found after the Process was completed.
  • I want to record a postscript that was clarified afterwards.

In fact, we hear people saying they want to modify data after a process has been completed, but when it comes to [Edit Data] we cannot change the specification without careful consideration.

Nevertheless, not being able to record anything could be a waste, as valuable information might be discarded.
In such cases, how about using the ‘Task Feed’ (Enterprise Social Networking feature) to leave comments.

In completed Processes, you cannot modify Business data (Process Data Items), but you can add comments on ‘Task feed’ in the Process Detail screen. Even though there are things to be aware of -such as data viewing permissions- you can record information, etc. Which can be recorded even after process completion by associating it to the process on ‘Task Feed’.


== References ==

Why BPM now? -Precise Operational Data” Comes from “Management of Business Process-



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