FAQ. What is the Difference between the Free Edition and the Paid Edition?

All the features of the Paid Edition are available in Free Edition as well!!
What is the difference between the Free Edition and the Paid Edition?
There is a limitation in the number of Users (up to 10 Users) and a limitation for file storage size (up to 1 GB) in the Free Edition. There is no limit regarding the available features.


In Questetra, there are absolutely no restrictions regarding the features that are available in the Free Edition. You can use the same features as in the Paid Edition, such as “Workflow feature”, “Business Flow Designing feature”, “Enterprise Social Networking feature” and “API functions”.


However, there is a difference in the paid version regarding the following aspects.

  • Performance
    • The performance of the service providing server is inferior to that of the Paid Edition. Therefore, the Free Edition’s performance is inferior compared to the Paid Edition.
  • License
    • In the Free Edition, the number of Users that can be registered is limited to up to 10 people, and the available File storage size is limited to 1 GB.
  • Auto-stoppage
    • The use of the environment on the Free Edition will be stopped if none of the User log in for 15 days. (This means, it is available for an indefinite period of time as long as you use it on a regular basis.)


It is also possible to upgrade your Free Edition environment (* URL) to the Paid Edition, and keep the information you have there so far.
We recommend you to start by trying out the “Cloud-based Workflow” for Free, and then change to the Paid Edition whenever you want to increase the number of Users.

Only the environments for which its URL is in the format of:
All the environments of new applications for Free Editions will have a URL like in the above format.


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