FAQ. What is the Difference between [My Tasks] and [Offered]?

Understanding the difference in two of the 'Task list (ToDo list)', so that you can quickly correspond your Issues.


Question. What is the difference between My Tasks and Offered?
Answer. The Tasks which you must execute (your To-do) will appear in My Tasks. The Tasks which you or someone else must execute will appear in Offered.


The Issues that come into My Tasks are the tasks that you must carry out. Those will be shown in your My Tasks exclusively.
Note that in the case of Team Tasks (Human Task on a Team Swimlane), since multiple personnel are in charge of an Issue, it will appear in the My Tasks list of all the personnel in charge, besides the regular Human Task, for which the personnel in charge is only one.



On the other hand, for the Issues that come into Offered, there are multiple candidates who could undertake the Issue other than you (in other words, Issues for which a specific person in charge of is not determined yet).
These kind of Issues will be appear on the list of Offered of all possible candidates.
When one of the candidates undertakes the Issue, it moves to his/her My Tasks list, and disappear from the Offeredlist of the other candidates.
(If you undertake an offered Issue, it will be shown in your My Tasks. If someone else undertakes the Issue, it will disappear from your Offered tasks.



There might be the case in which more than one Issue with the same name will appear in My Tasks if the Business Process definition has been defined to split the Issue.
(Likewise, for the tasks in Offered, there will be the case for which the same name appears in both, My Tasks and Offered.)


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