FAQ. Not even one Process Appears on the List of ‘Process Start’

Never forget to set 'Affiliation' when adding a new User!
Not even one Process appears on the list of “Process Start”
Just check if the User belongs to an “Organization”.


We at Customer Support are sometimes asked questions such as:

  • We added a new User, but he/she can’t Start any new Processes
  • Even though we had set up allocation rules that specify the user, it does not allocate the task to him/her

Even, for example, he/she cannot even Start (apply for) the “Reimbursement Request flow” nor the “Leave Request flow” which has been designed so that all employees can Start it.

“Did I make a mistake when setting the allocation rules?”, “Isn’t it a Bug?”… Just check if the User belongs to an ‘Organization’.

== Mandatory for Allocation ==

In Questetra, it is specified that Allocation will not take place when a User does not belong to an ‘Organization’.
Questetra assumes that ‘Users’ belong to an ‘Organization’ just as in real work where each employee belongs to a Department, Area or Team. Please don’t forget about that.

== How to Confirm ==

Click on your User Name which is displayed on the right-top corner of the main screen. Select and open [Account Setting] and check ‘Affiliation’. Do you see one or more ‘Organizations’ there?


For Users who have User Manager Authorization, see the [User List] in [System Setting]. A Warning Message will be indicated if there are Users who don’t belong to any Organization. Clicking on the User Name marked with the warning, it will redirect you to the User’s details. Configure his/her ‘Affiliations’ according to his/her actual work roles.


== Related Information ==

“Organization” and “Role”



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