FAQ. Want to Exclude the Process Diagram from Printing of Task Detail Screen

Utilization of Area Selection and Page settings in Print Option of your Browser (or Dialogue box).
Can I exclude the Process Diagram when I print the Task Details in a Window for Printing?
There is no way to hide the “Process Diagram” on the printing screen using standard functions. Please use (area) Selection in the Printing settings of your Browser.

Sometimes, we are asked about “How to exclude unnecessary Process Diagram (Flow chart) when printing Business data in an Issue”.

As of Version 10.3, there is no function to hide the “Process Diagram (Flow chart)” in [Window for Printing], which can be accessed from the top right of the Task Detail screen.


Please try the following to exclude the Process Diagram from printing.

Highlight the area where you would like to print out with your mouse. Call the print function (*) of your browser, and then choose the “Selection” option as the target area.
This will allow you to print excluding the “Process Diagram.

(* Default Settings are usually “All” or “Pages”.)

In addition, also consider specifying only the “Pages” you need, in order to save paper.



If you are using Chrome browser, it appears to provide a better printing layout when you do it “Using system dialogue”. However, events such as “it may become unstable” have been reported on Windows machines (※)
(It seems that the probability of layout collapse increases compared to when selecting “all”). Actually, it is very difficult to comment on these issues, since there are problems which are unique to terminal machines or to a printer, or different behaviors depending on the version of the browser. Yet, I hope this is helpful.(* When using Chrome 32-bit version on 64-bit Windows.)

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