FAQ. Are there Restrictions on the Business Process Definition?

If you are likely to reach the limit, it could be the chance to review the business!


Are there any restrictions on the Business Process Definition?
Yes, there are. There are upper limits of the number of BPMN icons or Data items.


On the Business Process Definition (Process Model definition), the following items have been set a maximum number.

  • The maximum number of BPMN icons available on a Process Diagram
    • Swimlanes: 50
    • Events ⁄ Gateways : 150 (altogether)
  • The maximum number of Process Data Items : :300

You will not be able to place icons or define data items beyond the maximum number (upper limit).
Please consider removing unnecessary items or dividing the Business Process, etc.


We believe that these limits are enough for designing a Business Process, generally. If you exceed these upper limits, there is the possibility that your business process definition is too complex or too large. Therefore, it could be a good opportunity for you to review the business operations and to improve the Business Process Definition! Please take a look at the Business Process carefully, once again.

Besides you, is the Business Process easy to understand for your co-workers and newcomers?


Needless to say, even if your processes do not reach the upper limit, be sure to review the business processes on a regular basis.

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